A Positive Update At The Deep Horizon Oil Rig

A temporary yet significant positive development in the Deep Horizon Oil spill. BP has managed to set in a temporary solution to reduce oil gushing out into the Ocean around the sunken rig.

It has been only 24 hours since I was reading and posting about the 1000’s of gallons of crude oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico with no real solution in sight. There are millions of barrels of oil already in the water and scientists think some of it has made it into the currents headed to Florida keys. Marine biologists and others are keeping watch on that development.

Like mentioned in yesterday’s post BP had been working to try and control the spillage. Today they succeeded in reducing the amount of oil being dumped into the Ocean by successfully attaching a pipe to the burst pipeline and pumping some of the oil into a tanker. Let us hope it works well and the amount of oil flowing out into the water reduces considerably. It won’t be known until some days as to how much oil the contraption is able to suck. Keeping fingers crossed…

The picture below demonstrates how the oil is being sucked out.

Source for Picture and news bit www.dispatch.com

Yesterday’s post is here

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