Alternative Energy Sources

Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel

Bio-fuels are basically derivatives from Bio-mass which literally means living matter which can be living or recently deceased. The following fuels are defined as alternative energy fuels by the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992: pure methanol, ethanol, and other alcohols; blends of 85% or more of alcohol with gasoline; natural gas and liquid fuels domestically produced from natural gas; liquefied petroleum gas (propane); coal-derived liquid fuels; hydrogen; electricity; pure biodiesel (B100); fuels, other than alcohol, derived from biological materials; and P-Series fuels. In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is authorized to designate other fuels as alternative energy fuels, provided that the fuel is substantially nonpetroleum, yields substantial energy security benefits, and offers substantial environmental benefits.

Biodiesel: Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel formed from vegetable oils or animal fats. Biodiesel is one of the most comprehensively tested alternative fuels available commercially. Biodiesel is the first and only alternative fuel to have completed the rigorous Health Effects testing requirements of the Clean Air Act. Biodiesel is used either on its own or along with petroleum diesel to run diesel engines. Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils, fats and greases.
The benefits of biodiesel use are a reduction in emissions and increased diesel fuel lubricity which helps engines by reducing wear and tear. Biodiesels are a proven technology and is used in more than 300 major fleets. Biodiesel can be used without any issues in existing diesel engines without any major impact on performance. There are at present 14 major companies producing biodiesel with investments running into millions of dollars.
Biodiesel is named based on the percentage of Biodiesel in the mixture and it varies from B100 which is 100% pure biodiesel to B20 which is 20% biodiesel to B2 or 5 meaning 2 or 5% biodiesel. Biodiesel has a higher flash point making it safer than Petroleum diesel (200F as opposed to 125 for petroleum).

Biodiesel uses:
• Biodiesel is used to run clean generators thus reducing emissions.
• Biodiesel is used by farmers to run their farm equipment.
• Biodiesel is used by trucks and buses.
• Biodiesel is used to run the equipment in construction industry.
• Biodiesel is used in tour buses by Music groups on road trips.
• Biodiesel is also used as a heating fuel.

Bio-mass for alternative energy production.
Bio-mass means organic materials from animals and plants. Bio-mass energy is derived from bio-degradation of animal and plant matter. Biomass contains energy accumulated from Solar energy. One of the most basic ways of Biomass use is burning wood. Wood has been burned as fuel since man discovered a method to light fire. Biomass energy supports U.S. agricultural and forest-product industries.

Kinetic Power
Kinergy power is an efficient way to tap the kinetic energy produced by everyday motion around us. Kinergy is an emission free and very clean form of alternate energy.
KinergyPower was invented by two brothers Stefanos and Dimitri Horianopolous in Greece in 2002. KinergyPowerUSA’s technology uses a simple concept: when a vehicle rolls over and compresses a series of hydraulic pistons this compression can be used to force hydraulic fluid through the system. KinergyPower uses this motion and transforms the captured hydraulic pressure into the power to run a hydraulic generator unit which produces electricity.

• KinergyPower Energy Carpets installed on only 100 meters of roadway with an average daily traffic pattern of either 450 cars or 4 loaded trucks will harvest and produce enough electricity to power one North American home for one year.
• A typical Travel Center located on a US Interstate that is visited by 3,500 trucks a day can produce enough electricity to power a minimum of 800 homes for a year.
• A bus depot with 2,000 buses a day can harvest enough electricity for a minimum of 160 homes per year.

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