An Idiot’s Guide To Convert A Car To Biodiesel

Bio Car

Bio Car

Biodiesel is basically a non-petroleum variation of diesel that’s been chemically modified through a process called transesterification. Though not nearly as available as petrodiesel, it’s often sold in varying mixes of petrodiesel/biodiesel. A system called the “B factor” is used to denote the percentage of biodiesel contained within a petrol/bio mix.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a kitchen, chances are you’ve encountered straight vegetable oil. It’s commonly derived from soy, corn, palm, hemp, or a number of other vegetable sources. Despite being the brass ring for biodiesel aficionados, the setbacks for this fuel source are numerous. For starters, it’s extremely expensive if purchased off the shelf — especially compared to petrodiesel.

The best starting point for large amounts of vegetable oil is restaurants. Local fast food joints should have vats of used SVO (sometimes called waste vegetable oil) out back, and ripe for the taking.

What if you can use this waste vegetable  oil to run a diesel engine car ?

A step by step guide to convert you Petrodisel car to Biodiesel, from

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