Another Oil Spill This Time It’s Mumbai India

Oil Spill in Mumbai (erst while Bombay) and this time around it is different in the sense the oil is not from a well run amok, but resulting from the collision of the MSC Chitra a Panamanian vessel into the St. Kitts-registered MV Khalijia-III on Saturday the 7th of August 2010. The impact of the collision made the MSC Chitra tilt precariously with containers sliding off into the sea around. The leaking oil has created an oil slick along the Coast of Mumbai which is a major port in Asia.

Picture Courtesy NDTV .com

The NDTV report says “When the MSC Chitra collided with the Khalijia on Saturday, it had a cargo of 1,219 containers holding 2662 tonnes of fuel, 283 tonnes of diesel and 88040 litres of lubricant oil. Thirty-one containers had pesticide in them. The Chitra tilted sharply under the impact of the collision, resulting in the oil spill and now, containers of pesticide bobbing off on the sea.”

The coast guard and The Indian Navy are involved with the clean up and keeping further incidents happening due to the floating containers in the sea. Environmentalists believe the oil clean up might take up to a month.The oil leak has been stopped as per last reports and the cleaning operation is in full swing.

Interesting how Oil spills have become front page news again, after the Deep Horizon Debacle. It is not like we have not had oil spills every year, most of the spills happen in places where the press and the world don’t seem to focus on much and when they do the news gets relegated to the back pages there by giving oil companies and the spills a free pass.

A list of ongoing Oil spills worldwide courtesy the wikipedia

The only way is to lessen and then stop our dependence on Oil, until we find a way to do that these kinds of news will keep popping up, sometimes in our neighborhood sometimes else where. The reality is we all share one earth and what ever one of us does it affects all of us. Until the Next Oil Spill… Live Green!

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