Awaiting Toxic Strawberries From California Anyone??

I read about the use of Methyl iodide as a pesticide for strawberries in California almost a month ago. I have been reading about it in detail on an ongoing basis. As I learn more, the more it worries me as to what it is that we really know, and how much of it will end up in the strawberries and then in our own body…

I am not an expert but just someone who is alarmed by what I don’t know… It worries me none the less that another chemical makes it into our food chain without any qualms about how it will affect us.

An excerpt from the article in the New York times “I’m not in blanket opposition to the use of pesticides, but methyl iodide alarms me,” said Theodore A. Slotkin, a professor of pharmacology and cancer biology at Duke University Medical Center and a member of the scientific review committee. “When we come across a compound that is known to be neurotoxic, as well as developmentally toxic and an endocrine disruptor, it would seem prudent to err on the side of caution, demanding that the appropriate scientific testing be done on animals instead of going ahead and putting it into use, in which case the test animals will be the children of the state of California.”

To reach your own judgment read these articles which I found informative :

USEPA on use of Methyl Iodide



Care2 Initiative to keep Methyl Iodide off California Strawberries

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