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I love reading and staying informed on things which help me take sustainable living decisions. With the advent of blogs the world seems to have gotten really small where by we all get to share our days, weeks or just moments we feel like sharing, with the entire world which is connected by the web. I have many blogs that I frequently follow either by religiously visiting them or by subscribing to their RSS links.

One of my favorites has been the No Impact man by Colin Beavan . He started a blog about his attempt to lead a life with as minimal impact as possible on the environment around him. In November of 2006, Beavan launched a year-long project in which he, his wife, his two-year-old daughter and his four-year-old dog went off the grid and attempted to live in the middle of New York City with as little environmental impact as possible.

His blog which has been online for almost 3 years and has around 3,000 plus daily visitors and 4,000 daily page views, the site has 10,000 email and “newsreader” subscribers! It has become a forum for people interested in green and sustainable living.

In late 2009 No Impact Man came out in print and as a Documentary. The book is now out in paper back too.

No Impact Man: The Adventures of a Guilty Liberal Who Attempts to Save the Planet, and the ….

I found the plan interesting and was keen to know how long it could be sustained, the pessimist in me thought it is “Impossible”; Boy, was I in for a surprise! Read the plan HERE I consider myself as someone who does a lot of stuff to live life in a more sustainable way, after watching Beavan and his family I have realized there is so much more I can do. Thank you Colin Beavan

Now I am a believer and I believe we all can make changes how ever small they may be and we can make an impact on reducing our impact on this beautiful planet we are privileged to call home.

This is the Official Trailer for the No Impact Man Documentary

You can follow No Impact Man here

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