Deep Horizon Oil Spill Where How and When Will It End?

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It has been 24 days since the fateful day when the rig exploded and 12 men lost their lives. The Oil has been spewing out into the ocean and spreading along with the waves to the shores and beyond…

Each day there are seemingly new revelations as to how much oil is being spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. The scientists from different universities working aboard the research vessel Pelican, which sailed from Cocodrie, La., on May 3 and have been gathering extensive samples and information about the disaster in the gulf.

The scientists have discovered humongous oil plumes in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. One of them as large as 10miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick! It means what we see above water in pictures is just literally like the tip of the iceberg! There is much more oil in the deep water in the Gulf of Mexico. The fallout environmentally would be devastating as the plumes could deplete Oxygen in the water there by destroying sea life in the water.

They calculate that the oil gushing out from the well is much more than the earlier reported 5000barrels a day from the satellite imagery. They put it approximately between 25,000 to 80,000 barrels of oil a day! more than 5 times the previous estimates, and BP has said “no” to the scientists request to access to the rig to make accurate measurements using more advanced devices.

On its part BP has been trying without much positive outcome to intercept and control the spillage. Right now they are continuing their efforts to insert a tube, meant to intercept the flow of oil, into the broken drill pipe using robotic submarines. It did not work today and they had to bring it back above water. The problem arose before any attempt was made to insert the tube, which is fitted with rubber diaphragms to block water from entering the drill pipe.

BP has some more short term options at hand which all will take time and the permanent solution is either to block it with a cap, or pump and seal the pipe with mud and cement – “Junk Shot”. The permanent solution is to drill 2 relief wells which is already underway but would take until August to complete, that’s another 60-90 days more.

Vulnerable animals and birds are at risk from the oil spill and they all need help. If you are interested in heading down there to help do link up with some of the organizations already working there. Sometimes not knowing what to do and trying to help might be more harmful.

Links of helpful organizations :

You can search here to find how you can help.

Follow this link to check on the Oil spill spreading. It is a cool interactive map! Here

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