Dirty Dozen Veggies and Fruits – Why buy Organic?

Keep buying Organic
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In this day of healthy Green living, Vegetables and fruits are making a come back to most diets. I have always assumed in some ways that it would be easier  being a vegan as it is all “natural”!  Organic produce is not so friendly on the wallet so I kind of pick and choose what I buy organic.

Growing up I had never seen perfect looking fruits and vegetables so often, there used to be some which would escape attacks from insects and other pests, but most would have some kind of dings, scrapes, cuts etc… Reading up on farming and all those e-coli outbreaks made me take a second look at what and how I eat.

Logged into yahoo today and found this post on the latest list of veggies and fruits to watch out for. It lists the 12 most pesticide laden veggies and fruits, most of which are a staple in our homes. The post says we can reduce our consumption of pesticides and other harmful substances by 80% just paying attention. One option is to buy locally grown produce, Certified Organic ones OR grow ones own vegetables and / fruits… well I am heading to the local farmers market come summer!

Read the post at Yahoo!green here

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