DIY Mother’s Day Gifts!

It is Mother’s day again! I would think every day should be mother’s day and am sure my mom would agree =) I have been wondering what to do for mom this year. I being into green living have changed the way I do gifts for people close to me: I tend to make something special, useful and pretty {Mom likes pretty =)}

I have a list of 10 DIY projects I found online which you can create without much effort and please mom every day! Not just mother’s day =)

  1. A tee shirt tote for grocery shopping (this I find real easy and plan to do it ) – You know that favorite teeshirt you really don’t want to throw away though the edges have started fraying? This is the kind of project that tee was waiting for! It will help mom carry her groceries from here on forward. She will be happy you are rid of the tee and you will be happy it is still around! I love how simple it is to make. Follow This Link to the complete tutorial.

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  2. Gardening – for the Green Thumb momma: Hanging garden for Mom done the Japanese way (Kokedama). I saw this and thought this would really be fun to do. It adds greenery to your living space even if you live in an apartment and are cramped for space. The author suggests using orchids in the mix; but I plan to stick to begonias and ferns (shade loving plants). You will also need sphagnum moss and bonsai soil (Akedama). Follow the Link for the whole tutorial.
  3. A DIY Laundry Bag in Mom’s favorite colors! – This is one cool tutorial if stitching is your thing. My mom has a small hoarding issue, so finding materials to work with will be a breeze for me. I plan to use a nice solid bed-sheet which is strong enough and colorful enough to her liking. The tutorial details how to make it very precisely. To check out the whole tutorial Follow this link.
  4. Candy Wrapper Jewelry – This is just too cool! I could not believe at first that it was candy wrapper which made such colorful beads!! The method is really simple and the result gorgeous! The wrappers are cut as per the template provided and rolled on toothpicks to create the beads! Ecouterre has the amazingly simple tutorial to create these one of a kind jewels, check it out here.
  5. Kitchen Essentials from stuff you already have – I really liked this idea because it was something mom could use for a long time and my mom never likes throwing away things, so I can pretty much find all the raw materials in her pantry/store room for sure. The Girl creative blogger has used clothes pins, an empty plastic canister, some glass marbles, dish cloth etc to create a basic kitchen essential set. She has used her creativity to make the everyday items look beautiful. For the detailed tutorial follow this link.

    Image courtesy Creative Girl

  6. The ruffle flip flop sandal for the hip mom – I saw this tutorial a little while back and thought it will make a neat adult sandals too. The tutorial converts a flip flop into a ruffled sandal. One could use it to renew a broken flip flop or to dress up a new plain one. Either way for the detailed tutorial .
    follow this link.  
  7. A ruffled clutch to go with it from Flamingotoes – She has transformed an old basic clutch to a stylish hip ruffled clutch with a few bits of fabric and stitching. It will go perfectly with the ruffled sandals above and will sure make mom smile when she heads out this summer. Follow this link to the detailed tutorial.
  8. DIY Picture tiles – I love this idea, a few pictures of the grandchildren and old pictures of her kids when they were young adorning the refrigerator should make every mom teary eyed with happiness =). All you need are digital pictures you want to print out, a few tiles (or use foam boards just in case you can’t find tiles), Printer, Scissors, Glue and magnets! Voila you have a perfect surprise! For the detailed tutorial follow this link. Like the Author says you will never buy a photo frame again =)
  9. Easy Flower vases from left over milk bottles (or any bottles with interesting shapes) – Remodelista a blogger has this amazing tutorial to reuse glass bottles and turn them into chic flower vases. She uses yarn from the store in her projects – I do think we could use any yarn left over from a knitting project etc… I used the yard from an old sweater which was fraying at the ends and loved the result. To make your own bottle flower vase follow this link.
  10. Bird feeders – Well I have one for you if mom has finches in her garden check out this link and this one which uses a juice or milk carton to create your very own feeder as a gift for mom.

When thinking about buying something for mom, I try sneaking in questions to figure out what she “needs” or “wants”… There is really nothing that she will mention and whatever I get her, I know she feels happy about it and says that over and over about how wonderful the gift is, but by the end of the next month that gift will also join all the other “stuff” my siblings and I have gifted her over the years.

So this year I thought I should make something for her (see when I make something for her she gives it a special place: not amongst the “stuff”.

So I will be making one of the things from this list I compiled, hope you find something too!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom! Cherish Mom’s every day!

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