Electricity from Algae


Remember learning about photosynthesis in school? It used to be very intriguing. Many of us friends would dream about being more like a plant (basically not having to stay in and have lunch during lunch break, just run and play outside and your skin producing energy using photosynthesis!) it sounded so farfetched still photosynthesis was something that awed us even at that age. During Photosynthesis Solar energy is used by chloroplasts to create energy for the plants, a change from light energy to chemical energy.

The Stanford University Researchers have gone ahead and worked a way to trap the energy the plants produce and use it to generate electricity! What can be greener?

WonHyoung Ryu is the main author of this work. He says, “We believe we are the first to extract electrons out of living plant cells.” The Stanford research team created an exclusive, ultra-sharp gold nano electrode for this project.

At the end of the day for any energy solution to be viable it has to be affordable. According to Ryu that will take further research and investment. May be not so far in the future we will have algae tanks instead of coal run power plants. Green energy!

You can read more about it here

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