Environment Back On The Front Page

Picture courtesy US Coast Guard

The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Rig sinking and the resulting spill has put oil on the fore front again for the umpteenth time in the last decade. One thing everyone seems to accept (some knowingly and some grudgingly) is that there will be a severe shortage of oil sometime in the future. There was the war cry from the right “Drill baby Drill! And of course “Drill here, Drill now” everything seems to have gone quiet in the last couple of weeks. The environmental fallout of the spill is still happening as we read this.

I was reading this interesting op-ed piece by one of my favorite journalists Paul Krugman on Nytimes, he talks about how the oil spill in a weird way puts environment back on the front page of our conscience. He was talking how earth day came into being when an oil spill covered Santa Barbara beaches with oil. Environmentalism came to life as a response to visible pollution. These days our neighborhoods are cleaner, there is not much visible except for climate change and similar issues. It has been found that public concern about pollution is going down, and how regulations are being pushed back.

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