Getting Back After A Break

Yeah! this post has nothing to do with being green, but everything to do with getting back on track. I have been away from Connect-Green for longer than I like, not for dearth of topics but change of time zones et al. I have migrated to the tropics for winter, one of the reasons being an effort to get back to a healthy state of body and mind.

Youth is such a pleasure filled time, one kind of feels invincible and basically takes ones body for granted (no, I am not talking about you who belong to the small percentage of human population who do treat the body with care and respect, I meant the rest of us mortals who think “as long as it ain’t broken why fix it? and leave maintenance too for a rainy day” :)). Anyways so as I hit my late 30’s like a car without maintenance it starts spluttering while on the first gear racing up hill, the brakes squeak for want of brake fluid etc… I still think I have time to get to the dealer and get a whole checkup and maintenance done and get it back to “as good as New!” If only wishes were horses 🙂 and as it should be the car breaks down one day and requires a tow truck to cart it around.

Once at the dealer (Doctor:) ) I find out I have pretty much damaged many of the shock absorbers in my spine (discs all the way from the neck to the tail bone!) long story short, after many trips to Doctors and specialists (in some places the nursing staff started recognizing my voice over phone!, and my better half started pulling my leg saying I should be getting frequent flier miles at the Doc’s office!!!), and trying everything from aspirin to really strong opioids I was faced with a decision of whether to go under the knife or not. After some thought and suggestions from friends I decided to check out alternative treatment methods in Kerala my home by birth. Last year I headed to Cochin for my first serious tryst with Ayurveda and found that it worked wonders for me. So this year I am back for the second installment of the treatment (the flight across continents and oceans, Jet lag etc reasons for my absence) and the intent is to get back some semblance of health so I can work on my fitness (which right now is pretty much a myth 😀 ). My Doc once asked me why I wanted to be a 30 year old living in a sixty year old body (got me working out for a month religiously, after which I went back to my usual self of not being bothered about anything that did not hurt :)) This time around I have decided to do this for myself, I need to be healthy to be able to do what I want to do with my life. There is no more precious commodity than time.

Why is this post on CG? I don’t know why, but I thought I needed to say out loud why I was away and what my plans for myself were to make sure I stick to them diligently.

So starting today, I am back on track (unless something really drastic happens). Here is to living Green and making a difference.

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