Green Product Of The Week- Preserve Paperstone Kitchen Cutting Board

You will find a listing of green environmentally friendly products here. We at Connect-Green believe it will make an impact in the long run as to what we choose to use in our daily lives.

This week our feature product is a cool cutting board which should be a classy addition to any Green kitchen.

The Preserve Paperstone™ kitchen cutting board

List Price: $24.99
Price: $15.39

The Preserve Paperstone™ kitchen cutting boards are master food prep boards made entirely from 100% recycled paper. This knife friendly and eco friendly cutting board is available in two sizes – bar board and prep board. The cutting boards include a unique design with a wave patterned grip hole. The grip hole also makes it easy to hang these boards on a hook or a pot rack. The Paperstone™ board has an easy to clean non-porous coating that is free from chemicals and petroleum based ingredients. The kitchen cutting board is made with paper that is sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The olive black prep board and bar board are also designed with soft curves that eliminate any sharp corners. A kitchen cutting board that is designed for the times and manufactured for sustainability. Now that’s progress!

Powered by leftovers™
Made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Durable, knife-friendly board
Easy-to-clean, non-porous surface
Feels like wood, but dishwasher safe
Curved soft outside corners
Easy grip hole makes hanging convenient

Bar board – 8″ x 6″
Prep board – 13″ x 8″

You can buy it here: Eco Friendly Preserve Post-Consumer Cutting Board (Large)

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