Learning To Manage Consumption

Buy conscientiously

For years my better half and I have had this discussion about buying what we need and most of those discussions end with a debate about “Men! What do you know about impulse shopping and the satiety behind it?” But then over the years as I do spring cleaning and find things I did not use for more than 2 years, it started hitting me it does make sense to buy just what one needs. I have always felt responsible towards the environment but sort of never really thought about the production impact of things I buy and end up not using.

Now with that too in mind I set out searching for a way to make sure I do not buy anything I don’t really need. Searching online I came across this blog by Dave Chameides titled “Get on board the non consumption train” .

He has this easy to follow questionnaire to ask yourself before making a buy, it helped me! Check it out I believe it will help you too.

Follow this link to the post.

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