Meguru A Car Made With Bamboo and Paper

The Green Car from Japan

Picture Source CNET

The three wheeled Meguru a 3 wheel car manufactured by metalworking firm Yodogawa and blade maker Kinki Knives Industries in Osaka Japan has Bamboo and Paper used in its construction! Meguru is Japanese for “to move” and the manufacturers are considering mass manufacturing of Meguru as a small Taxi or more of an Auto-rickshaw (the 3 wheel taxi’s which are a common sight in many a south Asian city).

The Meguru has a steel frame and its floor is bamboo, the folding doors are made of Bamboo and washi paper! It looks quaint and can travel at 25 miles per hour and one charge of it’s lithium ion battery will take you a distance of 25 miles!

Check out the video on Meguru

I think from what I see it will be useful in smaller roads and for short distance rides. It is a step in the right direction don’t you think? Incorporation of traditional green materials into the Auto-industry!

You can read more about it in thisarticle by Tim Hornyak

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