Small Steps To Go Green

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When one thinks about going green it is always a dilemma as to where to start. There are just so many options to go green out there that I dont blame anyone for feeling like a deer caught in headlights… wondering what really works and where to start. says that we can all do our bit by starting small.

The post is well written, very simple and is easy to follow. It explains how simple steps can make an impact on the planet in terms of reducing our carbon foot print. It makes one aware that one need not spend a lot of money or go out of the way to make a difference. Simple steps to change our lifestyle without really changing it, and yet making a positive difference in how we effect the environment around us. Our personal favorites were the power saved by changing settings on our PC’s and the plugged in cell phone charger when not in use which is a feature in many a house hold these days.

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