“Green” Is A New Lifestyle!

Reduce,Reuse, Recycle for a Greener Earth!

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The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. –William James

It is one of my favorite quotes and I believe it to be true, whatever the age, creed, race, mindset, belief, prototype etc may be, one thing we all have an option to change is our attitude, and if we were to do that one step at a time towards making this environment better I am sure the effect would be amazing!

I love spring! It is the time for renewal and resurgence. Everything around looks and feels fresh, the grass the flowers the new leaves, the bulbs, the migrating birds on their way back etc… If you ask me spring is as good a time as any to start taking steps towards eco-friendly green living. One can decide to go with reusable bags made of cloth canvas etc or go with the standard plastic bags which mostly end up in a landfill clogging ground water systems or the paper bags (though the better option) still requires trees to produce as we all know.

Spring is also the time when one gets back into beautifying ones yard, working on the garden invariably means getting rid of pests and weeds. This year for a change may be we can all think more about using more benign methods to take care of these nuisances and do a little bit to help mother earth. Buy native plants and seeds – uses less water and are more disease resistant and tolerant to the climate change. Use some mulch to keep the weeds from coming back as strong. Use pest traps to catch those pesky beetles, or even some homemade remedies like soap and water to kill the beetles. Compost works wonders in a vegetable garden and rain water harvesting for gardening has no replacements at all. Remember the coffee tins grandma stored cookies and other goodies in? It still works, reuse all those containers just watch for the food safe marking.

It was a shock to learn that last year alone the number of plastic bottles used in the United States kept connected could circle the earth 190 times!! Just imagine the amount of Plastic which could have been avoided, lets make a start now.

Growing up there are a few things which were used commonly in my home for cleaning and I still use them with the same kind of results. These are a few of the things I use in my home for cleaning:

  • Vinegar mixed with common salt is a very good surface cleaner.
  • Baking soda – makes a very effective cleaner for any surface. All you need to add is water for normal cleaning and vinegar for anything stronger.
  • Borax which can be brought from any drug store is an effective cleaner for toilet bowls. Dust borax on the insides of the toilet bowl, spray vinegar and leave over night. Brush and clean like always for a clean and less toxic toilet.
  • Recycle your favorite teeshirt or shorts to make a tote.
  • Banana peels, coffee grounds and egg shells make excellent food for your rose plants, try them out it has worked for me.
  • Cleaning dirty mirrors or glass panes are a zap with old newspaper.
  • Use your silverware in place of plastic, same goes for those plastic plates and cups too.

Watch this space for more tips in the coming days and do let us know if you have a favorite green tip you found useful. Until next post stay green!

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