Sustainable Housing Using Prefab Panels

Picture source D O C Unlimited Website

 D O C Unlimited a design-build firm based in Athens Georgia has build this lovely house in place of a home that burned down. They have used precast insulated panels for the structure which has reduced construction costs and also allowed them to maximise usage of natural heating and cooling. As seen in the picture extensive over hangs and large windows allow for maximum daylight and also in minimising heating and cooling costs. The house also uses a Geo-thermal heating and cooling system.

The Archdaily says “A central clerestory that “creates a connection to nature even in the innermost portions of the house, and gives the structure an iconic presence in the landscape.”

The house looks very much in tune with the natural environment around it. Sustainable architecture is a way to move towards a smaller carbon foot print. Live Green!

Read more about it @ The ArchDaily here

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