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Offset Your Website’s Carbon Footprint

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While writing about yesterday’s post as always when looking for Carbon offsets my go to link is carbonfund.org I added the link and was checking out what was new on the site and noticed this link – Make Your Website or Blog CarbonFree® Clicked it and found out there was an option for bloggers and website owners to offset their carbon footprints! Loved the idea and thought it prudent to make a post on it. Also the fact that this post gets me free carbon offsets for a year (so our green blog is becomes truly Green and carbon neutral!)

I have often wondered what the carbon footprint would be of worldwide computer/web use. On searching for answers I came across an article by James Kanter in the NY times in 2008 about The computer age and Its Carbon footprint. He was of course talking about all the gadgets we use which are plugged in and use vast volumes of powerful semiconductors and communication towers. A good chunk of that is computers and cell phones. According to some estimates almost 2% of global carbon emissions were from this sector.

So what can we do? Yeah, we can take all the available steps to reduce our power consumption like – Using the power saver mode, turning off the PC when not in use, using a power strip etc… but still the consumption of power and resulting emissions is a reality.

So How Does one make a Website / Blog Carbon Neutral?

With carbon offsets we get to neutralize the impact we create on our environment. It is a reality that the greenest form of energy is energy we do not use. To be as green as possible pay attention and be prudent in your use of the computer and connected devices.

What are Carbon offsets? How does it work? We all use energy in one form or another and impact our environment leading to climate change. A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions somewhere else – like a renewable energy or a reforestation project – to balance out the emissions you cannot reduce. Also, carbon offsets are the only way to get your carbon footprint to zero today.

Carbon Fund has a simplified our calculations further by taking into account the number of page views we get monthly. As per their calculations a website with 1500 page views monthly would be Carbon Free for just $9.00 a year! And for a major website with 50,000 monthly visitors it would cost them $300.00 to offset their Carbon foot print.

As per the Carbonfund website their calculated cost per page view is $.0005 cents. This figure takes into account web hosting, network use, as well as the visitors’ computer use. Their assumptions are based on data from several studies published by independent third-party sources.

If you believe in green living and want your Website or Blog to be Carbon Neutral check out CarbonFund.org today.  Always remember the cleanest energy is the one we do not use.

I am proud to say Connect-Green is now Officially a CARBON FREE Blog! Live Green!

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