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Trash Inc the Film On Trash by CNBC

Today after missing it many times I watched Trash Inc:The Secret life of garbage on CNBC, I have been seeing it advertised but did not get a chance to view it the first time it aired on the 29th of September. I think it is well made, simple and covers a wide range of what trash does once it leaves us- the consumers.

We buy stuff, use some throw what we don’t need into the trash cans, leave them at the curb and once the trash trucks pick them up and leave our trash bins empty we go back to fill it up again for the next week.. for most of us once the trash truck leaves our streets trash is no longer an issue. Being aware of where our trash ends up, I believe is part of personal responsibility. When we know how¬† what we throw out impacts our environment, how can any one amongst us sit idle with out taking action?

Trash Pickup and recycling waste is a billion dollar industry. Most of the trash generated which can be recycled ends up in the developing world where cheap labor makes it easier to break and sort things for recycling. It was also eye opening to see how trash dumps have evolved over they years into energy producing technological marvels. The film pretty much takes your through the route a piece of trash can take and it was an educative experience for me.

It was eye opening, seeing where trash ends up, and how large the landfills and the garbage patches in the oceans are etc… What was equally interesting and shocking was the knowledge that even when one thinks one is recycling by sorting plastic and paper etc al, the percentage of plastic recycled is 1 in 5 bottles in the United States! and we use 51 billion plastic bottles approximately a year! and to think only 1 in 5 gets to recyclers, imagine the sheer magnitude of just plastic bottles which end up in the landfills and water ways…

I do recommend that the documentary is worth watching for every one of us. It is on at 8PM EST on the 6th of October 2010 on CNBC, check it out and you be the judge.

Below are a couple of video sneak peeks from Trash Inc:

Tracking trash using technology –

In South Carolina BMW has a manufacturing plant which runs on Methane from a landfill!!check it out