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The Green Car that Could:The Story of SRZero

An Electric car which can race around a track (for those who know London it is the M25) of 115miles twice at 55mph on a single charge! An Electric Race car? Sounds like fiction? Rest assured it is for real. This is the story of the Green car that can hit speeds of upto 125 mph looks very attractive and cool and can go long distances previously thought “naahh maybe…” comfortably! Does the Picture below look like an EV you imagined?

The Super Electric Car

Picture courtesy RGE website  

Racing Green Endurance (RGE) is a team of 11 highly motivated students from the Energy Futures Lab, Electronic Engineering & Mechanical Engineering and staff from the Imperial College of London. RGE is their flagship project; many in the team have experience in building hydrogen/electric hybrid race cars as part of the Imperial Racing Green initiative.

The RGE team converted a Radical SR8 to an SRZero all-electric Super car! The Radical SR8 is quite simply the world’s fastest production sports car, holding the lap record around the world’s longest and most arduous track – the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Check out the Video of their drive on M25 Courtesy ImperialRGE on Youtube


After this successful test drive on the M25, the RGE team is planning to hit the Pan-American Highway (47,958 kilometers or 29,800 miles long, considered the longest motorable road by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is a network of roads which travel from the Northern most point in the America’s Prudhoe Bay in Alaska down all the way to Ushuaia in Argentina) for the ultimate test! They plan to travel from The Prudhoe Bay to Tierra Del Feugo to prove to doubters that an EV (Electric Vehicle) can be cool, quick and could go the distance!  

In an interview with wired.com team spokesman Andy Hadland said “The perception still exists that EVs are somehow inferior to their fossil fueled counterparts,” “There is always a caveat. ‘I’d buy one, but they only go a few miles … they aren’t really zero carbon … they take too long to charge.’ These are all perceptions that we want to change.”

The RGE website says their aims are as follows:

Electric vehicles have the potential to realise a sustainable transport future, without depleting valuable resources for future generations. The RGE project aims to demonstrate this while pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

The team want to help encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers through our outreach program. They plan to use the RGE project as an exhilarating example of where maths and science can take you.

The Radical SRZero aims to be the world’s most focused, fun-to-drive alternative propulsion vehicle. By taking on this epic journey, we hope to add a sense of excitement and get people interested in electric vehicles.

The SRZero has the SR8’s 2.6-liter V-8 engine and six-speed gearbox replaced by two AC synchronous Axial Flux motors. The motors were custom-wound to maximize efficiency at highway cruising speeds. They produce 72 kilowatts (96.5 horsepower) continuous and 144 kilowatts (193 horsepower) peak. The car weighs 1,100 kilograms. It has a top speed of 125mph with an acceleration of 0-60mph in 7seconds, full charge with a 6hour plug in which will last for 250miles at a cost of £0.01/mile! The Car has Thunder sky Lithium Iron Phosphate cells with a total capacity of 56kWh to support the 2 Evo-electric motors in the back which transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The trip starts July 8 in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. All the very best to the Electrical Super Car!!

Look-wise and design-wise it sounds very attractive and eco-friendly! Future of the auto-industry sans non-renewable energy sources looks safe in these young hands.

To know more about RGE and the Electrical Super Car here

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Meguru A Car Made With Bamboo and Paper

The Green Car from Japan

Picture Source CNET

The three wheeled Meguru a 3 wheel car manufactured by metalworking firm Yodogawa and blade maker Kinki Knives Industries in Osaka Japan has Bamboo and Paper used in its construction! Meguru is Japanese for “to move” and the manufacturers are considering mass manufacturing of Meguru as a small Taxi or more of an Auto-rickshaw (the 3 wheel taxi’s which are a common sight in many a south Asian city).

The Meguru has a steel frame and its floor is bamboo, the folding doors are made of Bamboo and washi paper! It looks quaint and can travel at 25 miles per hour and one charge of it’s lithium ion battery will take you a distance of 25 miles!

Check out the video on Meguru

I think from what I see it will be useful in smaller roads and for short distance rides. It is a step in the right direction don’t you think? Incorporation of traditional green materials into the Auto-industry!

You can read more about it in thisarticle by Tim Hornyak