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Green Water Conservation Products

“Water is precious” how many ever times we hear that, it is kind of hard to register, as right now around most of us there is really no problems with water availability. The US EPA in 2008 said a survey had found that 36 states were anticipating Local, regional or statewide water shortage by 2013.

At the start of the 21st century unclean water is the second biggest killer of children world over – UNDP human development report 2006

Below are some water saving products we can integrate into our daily lives, which will lower the water bill for sure and save water! Today I am focusing specifically on the Garden.


According to reports some households use up to 50% of their water for gardening or out door purposes. Summer is the time when the sprinklers work over time to keep the grass green. Watch out for the water that ends up on the side walk and the roads, adjust the positioning to make maximum utilization of water.

1. Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager a Water Magnet for all you plants and lawn.

This is one amazing product, it is green i.e. biodegradable and helps conserve water! Hydretain when added to soil helps soil hold on to the evaporating water vapor there by extending the time between watering. The Manufacturers say one can double or even triple the number of days between required watering and enjoy the benefits of proper water management. Hydretain is a revolutionary new product designed to reduce watering requirements of plants and turf. Its patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds attract free water molecules from the air withing the soil and efficiently transfers them to the roots of the plants. The simple yet unique mechanism results in healthy vigorous drought resistant turf, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and agriculture.

It is a liquid blend which is used like any spray on fertilizer one uses attached to the hose, it comes fitted with a hose-end applicator.

Hydretain helps to :

  • Minimize Drought stress (they have examples of plants in 100 degree temp settings!)
  • Control or eliminate dry spots (used in golf courses and lawns)
  • Enhance nutrient efficiency
  • Optimize Pesticide Efficiency
  • Improve Seed Germination
  • Increase transplant survival
  • Reduce water expenses
  • Maximize crop yields

You can buy Hydretain Here it comes in 1quart, 2quart etc… price starts at 24.95 for a 1 quart bottle. 1quart as per the manufacturer will cover 2500 – 5000 square feet of lawn. One application lasts for up to 3 months. I like it because it works and it is GREEN!!

2. JARDENIER Plant watering system

The manufacturer says you can reduce water usage by up to 80% and maintenance costs by 50% or more with Jardinier’s wide range of waterproof decorative containers, planter boxes and roof top gardens, used in conjunction with their patented Sub-Irrigation Systems.

I found the sub-irrigation planters particularly of interest for Indoor plants. Plants grown in Jardinier Containers are generally healthier, which means the expense of replacement and the labor involved can be greatly reduced. A study by Dr. Cheryl Wilen of the University of California has shown that plants grown in Jardinier Containers have a more developed root system than plants which are top watered. Sub irrigation also eliminated the harmful build up of salts due to top watering. Since Jardinier Containers are a closed system, fertilizers and pesticides can be confined within the containers. Jardinier Containers also are designed to provide each plant with maximum growing space, which means you get more plant for each container size, which means you spend less time transplanting.

Finally, Jardinier Containers can hold enough water to last at least 2 to 3 weeks, which means you can be on vacation without worrying about finding a dead or weak plant on arrival!! Saving water, plants and money–not bad, and you’ll also be making the world a better place.

The Diagram above shows how the pot works.

Check out your nearest dealer here

Pricing between 5$ for the smallest pot to 50$ to the largest one.

3. Using sprayers and misters which have aerators is an option to reduce water consumption.

Add to these the use of green fertilizers and pesticides like neem oil, a natural foliar spray that controls pest insects and diseases. Compost tea, used as a spray, controls rose diseases; as a drench, it suppresses diseases in the lawn and flower beds. Pick plants that are native – drought and disease resistant as they are “Native”! Pick out perennials they do make a come back every year and some even reseed them selves!
Check out this Video on making your own compost, I found it very useful:

You will have a Green backyard lawn et al with a lesserĀ  burden economically and environmentally.

Live Green!

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