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A Dozen Plus Green Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

Father’s Day a day to honor fathers, paternal bonds, and the communal influence of fathers. Just like mother’s day it is celebrated by everyone to celebrate their fathers.

In the US it falls on the 3rd Sunday of June which incidentally falls on the 20th of June this year. Father’s day became a national event after it was designated a national holiday by President Nixon in 1972.  So every year we all think about what to get dad? I know if and when I have asked my father what I can get him he always says “I don’t need anything” and then am going behind his back talking to mom and then my siblings we discuss and discuss and discuss until we reach invariably the same conclusion every year – a Tie / a New Pen / electronics??. And of course the card!

The last few years I have searched diligently to find something Green for him and have mostly ended up with a handmade card and a bottle of his favorite scotch =) so this year I thought I needed to work a little more and find a list of things my dad or any other dad would love to have and would make more sense environmentally. My dad loves to spend time in his vegetable patch when not at work, so I will probably also go look at some seeds / plants etc… native of course. Then since he takes care of a whole region and needs to keep in touch via email and phone a some new technology stuff might come in handy too… well let me make a list… Yeah I do still kind of stick to handmade cards it just adds to the personal touch and makes both of us happy giving and recieving it =)

So here it goes my list of Green Gifts for the Special Man in your life –

My first Choice is a donation in Dad’s name to the Ocean Conservancy or the Ocean Futures Society to help protect the Oceans and the Ocean dwellers. The clean up of the OilSpill in the Gulf is being funded by BP but the aftermath of the spill will be long lasting and will need all the donations it can get. I have also added a list of charities at the end of the list just incase you are a donor looking to make a gift which helps others in your dad’s name.

1. What better way than a lasting gift that keeps on giving. The Nature Conservancy protects Earth’s most important natural places — for you and future generations — through great science and smart partnerships. Your dad will adore receiving this fun and personalized gift that helps to protect and restore the Earth’s most critical natural places.

I am sure it would make any Green guy happy! Price: 50$ or more per Acre.

2. A board game for the little ones and DadBioviva

The more we understand about nature the more we’ll want to help preserve it. This award-winning game will help instill in your kids, and yourself, an interest in learning more about nature and our planet. In this game two to six players assume the roles of adventurers thirsting for knowledge. Each player begins the game by drawing a destination card. Multiple choice question cards are drawn throughout the game covering topics such as solar systems, plant/animal behavior, evolution, and other areas. Eco-points are awarded along with advice about environmental protection to players correctly answering questions, with the winner being the first player to collect the required eco-points for the locations listed on his or her destination card. Suitable for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and older. Approximate playing time is 60 minutes.

All printed materials with this game are from recycled materials and recyclable, with vegetable-based inks. The wooden pawns are made from beech trees from PEFC certified French forests. What better way to inculcate the love for the environment in kids and also bond with Dad!

Price: around 30$

3. A Backpack for dad’s laptop with solar changers integrated! How cool is that?

The Voltaic Converter is a versatile solar backpack for charging handheld electronics. It is a small light weight day bag with a compartment for a water bladder, so it is ideal for biking and hiking.

  • 4.5 watts of solar power for fast charging.
  • The solar panels protect fragile items inside.
  • Included battery pack which stores power until you need it.
  • 10 adapters for easy connection to handheld electronics.
  • Wire channels throughout the backpack for headphones, bladder tubes etc.
  • High density padding in the shoulder straps and back .
  • Can be worn as a backpack or sling bag.
  • Mesh backing material for better air flow.
  • Shell uses 600D fabric made from recycled PET (soda bottles), which is tough, water resistant and light weight.
  • Indicator light inside the logo shows when the panels are generating a charge.

Price: 200$

4. A solar Cooker from Sun Ovens

Sun Ovens International is striving to develop and implement comprehensive solar cooking programs that will radically decrease the developing world’s dependence on fuel wood and dung as the primary cooking fuels while benefiting the environment, raising the standard of living and improving the health of the poor worldwide. Solar cooking doesn’t have to be limited, however, to those in developing countries. Sun Ovens can be used anywhere, year-round.

Price: Around 300$

5. iSolPlus – The Super solar charger Get Dad a portable charger to help keep his small electrical device running longer. We have all experienced running out of power while listening to your MP3 player, playing your PSP or talking on your cell phone. Silicon Solar offers the new iSol Plus. This innovative solar charger can be charged using free solar energy. No sun available? Don’t worry, the iSol Plus can also be charged using your computer’s USB port.

The iSol Plus comes with 3 different DC output settings: 5.5v, 7.5v and 9.5v. The charging time for the iSol Plus using the solar panel is about 10-20 hours and 2-4 hours using the USB connector.

The iSol Plus is great for PDA, MP3, IPOD and more. The kit also comes with adaptors for some Motorola and Samsung cell phones. Adaptors are constantly changing with today’s technology and if this kit doesn’t have what you need, there are many companies that sell the USB adaptors for your device. If you have a USB adaptor to charge your device you will be able to use the iSol Plus to provide the charge. A male USB Mini 5 Pin adaptor is included with the iSols, rather than a female USB A (standard USB).

Price: around 35-40$

If looking for some more solar stuff check out here

They also have some cool lights on sale here

6. A Green Laptop Jacket for Dad

GreenSmart’s Laptop Jackets are a stylish choice for laptop protection. They are made from supple, strong, durable fabrics derived from 100% post consumer recycled plastic water and soda bottles.

Eco-friendly Always On Protection stays on your laptop full time, to open and close with it. Sized to fit your laptop, lightweight, and sleek enough to fit into another carrying bag. Handles can be used for carrying or tucked away. Shoulder strap included for added convenience. Price: $45.00

7. Dad needs a new display for his Computer? Get him a Green one!

Lenovo L2440P 24 inch Wide Flat Panel Native resolution of 1920 x 1200; Internal power with 35 watts/50 watts power consumption; Up to 50% less power consumption than conventional monitors of the same size and resolution; 33% less mercury content than conventional monitors of the same size and resolution; Four high speed USB 2.0 connectors; Tilt, Swivel, and height adjustable stand ; Pivot for portrait or landscape viewing; Analog and DVI-D video signal connectors; supports HDCP: Compliance with Energy Star 4.1 requirements; Kensington Lock slot for security; TCO 03 compliance; EPEAT Gold certified; GREENGUARD certified  

Price: $374.99

Anything Tech related and Green You can find a few more here

8. Does Dad love his iPod? Get him a Green iPod speaker! Sprout Creation Vers 2X – Bamboo

Vers2X – Bamboo Ever heard of a plastic violin… neither have we. Vers is the first hand-crafted wood iPod speaker with real wood finish – made to look and sound like a musical instrument. The lustrous bamboo finish will match any decor in your home, and the 1/2″ thick wood speaker chambers and dual ported stereo design provide exceptional sound performance. Perfect for the Family room, Kitchen or Bedroom, or anywhere where superior acoustics are demanded.

Vers is more than just a great looking and sounding speaker system; it is good for the planet. The wood comes from sustainable plantation forests, what is used is replaced. Vers also features a low power consumption amplifier and power supply to save energy, plus all packaging comes from recycled material and is completely recyclable.

Price: $199.99

9. Recycled Glass bowls and Glasses from Amazon price from 20- 56$

10. Swiss Army knife with a Blade, Nail file with Screwdriver, Scissors, Key ring, Tweezers, LED Mini White Light (18,000 MCD)

11. A Casio Solar powered digital watch – Shopping for a fashionable, feature-packed timepiece doesn’t need to drain your bank account. The affordable Casio Men’s Tough Solar Digital Sports Watch #WL500-1A comes packed with features typically found in more expensive digital watches, like solar powered quartz movement–which means you’ll never need to change its battery–an LED light with Afterglow technology for telling time in the dark, a day and month calendar, and four daily alarms (including a snooze function for when you need a few extra minutes of sleep). This watch also includes a stopwatch that can record split time and a low battery warning. With a resin band with a traditional buckle clasp, this watch is water-resistant to 165 feet (50 meters).  

Casio Solar Watches Price: 30$ to 300$

12. A Recycled Cycle Chain Bottle Opener – Manly indeed!

The first chain-driven bike was made in 1885. But it took more than a century for the next great innovation – the recycled chain bottle opener – to be developed. The flexible chain makes a unique handle for the colorful anodized aluminum head. So much fun to play with you’ll wish twist-offs had never been invented. And of course a good conversation starter!

Mix and match colors. Dimensions: 8” x 1.5”. Available in Red, Silver, Green, Blue, and Orange.

Price: 11$   Bambeco has a lot of Eco-friendly stuff in different price ranges.

These are some other charities who do amazing work around the world do take a moment and check them out when you have some money and time to spare. Thank you.

For Human rights – Amnesty

For Global Education – Cosmos Education

For the Children – Worldvision

For fighting Aids and Malaria – Global Fund

For the wildlife around the world – WWF

For the Chimpanzees – Save the Chimps

For Women – Women for Women

For the environment – Stop global warming

Well looks like I have enough for this year will have to pick something soon so I can get it to dad by Father’s Day. Happy Green Gift Shopping! Live Green!