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7 Steps to Waste Less Food

Wastage of any kind is criminal, my mom used to say when we were kids. Especially with food it was her “mantra” with the added scenario of starving kids in Africa to make her point. Over the last decade I have become more aware of the size of the problem worldwide – especially wastage of Food when so many human beings starve.

We have done some posts about world hunger and the 1 billion people across the world who are in need of food. I came across a very interesting book and website by Jonathan Bloom – The book is titled “American Wasteland” and his website is www.wastedfood.com. I am in the process of reading the book (will write more about it once I am done with the book). From what I have read it is one book every person should read, once we realize the folly of our ways may be we will change for the better.

Today morning as I logged in I saw this article on Yahoo news by Lori Bongiorno titled A step-by-step guide to wasting less food

Checked it out and thought the tips were really simple and easy to follow if even some of us made some of the changes, it would make a big difference. So here is the lsit of 7 steps we can all adapt to waste less food and save money too!

Plan Ahead

Planning meals ahead of time. Checking your shelves, refrigerator, storage and making list before heading out to buy groceries.

Shop Smart

Write a detailed grocery list and buy what you need. If something is on sale make sure you can use it all up before buying it just because it is on sale. (e.g. anything that can be frozen is a good buy).

Use What You Buy

Make use of leftovers, be it rice, vegetables or bread. Almost everything can be used creatively to make a new dish.

Freeze before you toss

Freezing leftover vegetables or meat to make a broth is an example. Waffles pancake etc too can be put in ziplock bags and frozen, microwave them for a quick snack

Get educated

Nobody wants to eat unsafe food, but throwing away good food just because the label says so does not necessarily work either. Use by dates are more for quality than safety, Find out what expiration date really means

Think beyond eating

Overripe fruits make good homemade facials. Mixing them into your garden soil is a very green way to fertilize too.

Give to Others

Donate non perishable items that you are not going to eat.

A University of Texas study quantifies our wasted food into energy wasted and say Americans waste the equivalent of 350million barrels of oil every year on wasted food! That is 2% of annual energy consumption of the USA. More once am done with American Wasteland, check out the book I guarantee, you will not look at food or grocery the same way again.

The following is a short documentary film about food waste created by college freshmen at Appalachian State University. This video is product of Watauga Global Community. In the film they attempt to identify food waste, what causes it, and what college students can specifically do to reduce the amount of food being sent to landfills. They even go as far as dumpster diving to illustrate their point. David Nielsen, Shannon Doherty, Ridge Grahm, Lauren Prigge, and Drew Fortune.

Source – Yahoo Green

You can checkout the book at Amazon

American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It)