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Plant A Sunflower Patch – Help The Honeybees

Natures pollinators

Picture courtesy Mommamia

Do you live in the US or Canada? Do you have a green thumb? Care about our environment? A patch to plant some plants this year? Do you love honey? And have some time to spare?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, keep reading! You might have noticed the price of honey climb a bit. Last couple of years was the poorest honey seasons in North America in many a bee keeper’s recent memory. The bees are an integral part of the environment as they help in pollinating a vast majority of the local plants.

The Great Sunflower Project aims to enlist people all over the US and Canada to observe their bees and be citizen scientists. It was done last year with good results and is on this year too.  All it takes will be less than 15 minutes of your time and it will help in figuring out what is going on with the bees.

All one needs to do is plant Lemon queen sunflower seeds (They are perennial seeds so it will come back the next year as well!), wait for the flowers to bloom and watch for the bees. Count the time taken for first 5 bees to arrive. Record it here and enjoy your sunflower patch and keep fingers crossed for the return of the healthy bees.

I have signed up hope you do too. Happy gardening and Green living!

get your own sunflower patch

Image Courtesy Trey Ratcliff