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Algopack®, a natural material

Have been reading about and keeping tabs on the pacific garbage patch, new methods to keep the ocean clean, effects of plastic on the ocean life etc… Day before while reading articles online I came across this very interesting writeup about Algopack® shared by Captain Paul Watson of the SeaShepherd – a viable green alternative to plastic. It is manufactured in France by Algoe


With the price of petrol continuing to rise, Algopack® offers an alternative answer to plastic. Algopack offers a solution for reducing pollution from plastics, on land and in the oceans.
Algopack is capable of producing a rigid material made ​​from 100% based industrial waste from brown seaweeds. For their growth, seaweeds need no fertilizer nor pesticide and they need low amounts of water. They absorb and convert CO2 into sugar for growth and release O2, thus promoting the development of plankton. Seaweeds are not invasive and respect biodiversity.
At the end of the life cycle, the material is fully compostable and becomes a natural fertilizer.

(Read more about it here)


With the effect of the light from the sun’s rays, seaweed transforms CO² into the sugars it needs to grow. At the same time, it releases into the water a large quantity of oxygen.

The process of cultivating seaweed is unquestionably a positive thing for the Marine environment, as it allows CO² to be reduced and concentrated whilst simultaneously making available an energy that is ideal for the growth of plankton. The types of seaweed cultivated by Algopack® come from sources such as aquaculture farms.


Reducing the percentage of petrochemicals by introducing seaweed-based products.


The granules, naturally brown in colour, can be mass-dyed according to projet requirements. You can receive bags of 25kg, Big Bags of 450kg or an Octoben of 450Kg.

Algoblend® represents a 25% energy saving in its production (compared to a polypropylene equivalent).

The Algoblend® granules are compatible with all the extruders on the market : there are no modifications required for your extruding machines, and you can use existing filters.

Any offcuts can be ground up again to be reused in the material.

Purging for cleaning can be freely carried out. The thickness of the sheets is between 300µ and 1000µ.


Algoblend® sheets can be thermoformed without any particular modification to existing thermoforming tools. The material does not change either the impressions or the cutters. The material is also suitable for direct contact with food, and the degrees of permeability can be optimised to suit each particular application.


The material can be adapted to suit the preferred MFI settings. All existing moulds of any type can be used (hot manifold…). The material does not alter the imprint surface.

This material can be imprinted in line with existing processes

Looking forward Algae based products becoming more available and accessible in near future.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.28.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.42.07 PM

Table Phare by Algoblend

As Capt Watson says “If the Oceans Die, we die”.

Sources for the article and to Read more about the products follow the links below :-





Dirty Dozen Veggies and Fruits – Why buy Organic?

Keep buying Organic
Image Courtesy marcp_dmoz

In this day of healthy Green living, Vegetables and fruits are making a come back to most diets. I have always assumed in some ways that it would be easier  being a vegan as it is all “natural”!  Organic produce is not so friendly on the wallet so I kind of pick and choose what I buy organic.

Growing up I had never seen perfect looking fruits and vegetables so often, there used to be some which would escape attacks from insects and other pests, but most would have some kind of dings, scrapes, cuts etc… Reading up on farming and all those e-coli outbreaks made me take a second look at what and how I eat.

Logged into yahoo today and found this post on the latest list of veggies and fruits to watch out for. It lists the 12 most pesticide laden veggies and fruits, most of which are a staple in our homes. The post says we can reduce our consumption of pesticides and other harmful substances by 80% just paying attention. One option is to buy locally grown produce, Certified Organic ones OR grow ones own vegetables and / fruits… well I am heading to the local farmers market come summer!

Read the post at Yahoo!green here

Green Product Of The Week- Preserve Paperstone Kitchen Cutting Board

You will find a listing of green environmentally friendly products here. We at Connect-Green believe it will make an impact in the long run as to what we choose to use in our daily lives.

This week our feature product is a cool cutting board which should be a classy addition to any Green kitchen.

The Preserve Paperstone™ kitchen cutting board

List Price: $24.99
Price: $15.39

The Preserve Paperstone™ kitchen cutting boards are master food prep boards made entirely from 100% recycled paper. This knife friendly and eco friendly cutting board is available in two sizes – bar board and prep board. The cutting boards include a unique design with a wave patterned grip hole. The grip hole also makes it easy to hang these boards on a hook or a pot rack. The Paperstone™ board has an easy to clean non-porous coating that is free from chemicals and petroleum based ingredients. The kitchen cutting board is made with paper that is sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The olive black prep board and bar board are also designed with soft curves that eliminate any sharp corners. A kitchen cutting board that is designed for the times and manufactured for sustainability. Now that’s progress!

Powered by leftovers™
Made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper
Durable, knife-friendly board
Easy-to-clean, non-porous surface
Feels like wood, but dishwasher safe
Curved soft outside corners
Easy grip hole makes hanging convenient

Bar board – 8″ x 6″
Prep board – 13″ x 8″

You can buy it here: Eco Friendly Preserve Post-Consumer Cutting Board (Large)