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Solar Cycle Rickshaws To Aid Postman’s Task In India

Mr Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications & Information Technology launched an environment-friendly postal delivery vehicle ‘Soleckshaw’ to aid post men in India.

Soleckshaw is a solar-power assisted, pedal-operated cycle rickshaw developed by CSIR (Counsel of Scientific & Industrial Research ). It reduces the rickshaw puller’s effort by providing battery assistance. The batteries are charged by solar power at charging stations.

A Postman is likely to carry more parcels for delivery than ordinary mails. A survey in Pune, Maharashtra State, found that each postman covers an area of around 40-45 kms and carries an average weight of 10-15 kgs per day. The Soleckshaw is the ideal vehicle to enable transportation of such parcels with a minimum of effort.

The rickshaws have batteries which power a 20-ampere motor is good enough to travel 50 km every day. When the batteries are fully charged, the van will be a motorised one and when the battery is exhausted, the delivery men has the additional option of pedalling it to the destination.

Press Release.