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Simple DIY Green Projects For The Summer

Summer is here the perfect time for spending time outside the home and also the best time to be creative. I have put together youtube videos of some of my favorite DIY projects using everyday things. Check them out, use your creativity and do something unique and Green this summer!

Lanterns using Chinese takeout containers (the paper variety)
Who doesn’t like Chinese take out? Rice and noodles sometimes come in those white paper cotainers with the metal handles. Shiho Masuda has created these simple cool lanterns out of the takeout containers.
* The paper takeout container
* A punch to cut holes (you can use your scrap book supplies too! stars etc.. would make it fancier)
* Acrylic colors to paint the box
* Small tea light candles for light (I suggest battery operated tealights for safety)
Now Check out the Video and remember with candles always be careful, DO NOT LEAVE BURNING CANDLES UNATTENDED.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet
These days friendship bracelets are the rage and making one is a breeze and fun to do.
* Knitting yarn or other yarn in colors of the child’s liking.
* A clip board helps to hold the threads in place when weaving.
Check out the video from expert village-

Non-Toxic Home made Sidewalk chalk
All children love drawing on the side walk. These days one has to worry about whether there is lead in the chalk too. I found this recipe to make your own home made chalk on Fun Family Edutcation
Simple to make and Safe n Fun for the kids!
Materials :
* 1 cup plaster of Paris
* 1 cup water
* Powdered tempera paint (I tried food color which works too!)
* Mold for chalk (small paper cups, ice cube trays, tissue rolls, etc.)
* Mixing bowl and spoon
In a Bowl mix together Plaster of Paris and Water, add color mix really well. Pour it into moulds (I like the tubular ice trays as the chalks look like real chalks, you can pretty much use any mould. Kids love animal shaped chalks!) I tend to leave it over night to air dry and take it out next day. If still wet let it dry a little bit more and now you have chalks for all the little artists!

Picture Source Lazy mom’s blog

A cool Green bag from your favorite Tee Shirt

See the bag below? How beautiful is it!! A very creative blogger Barbara Matthiessen has the simple steps to create this adorable bag! Your kids will have fun painting the flowers and personalizing their bags too!

Click on this Link to find out how you too can create a lovely, eco-friendly bag from your fav teeshirt!

Will add more soon. Enjoy Green Summer!!