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2 Green Products For A Green Summer

We have been searching to find something useful and green; And there are just so many Green products out there. Then we thought it is going to be summer, which means yard work! Found these two products – One will help you cut manicure your lawns and give you a decent workout, and the other one will reduce the amount of waste that goes into the waste dumps. Using less motorized equipments and composting essential parts of a Green garden!

Remember pushing the lawnmower around as youngster? Well that was and still is the eco-friendly way to cut grass and keep your lawn looking good. Our first product is the Brill Razorcut Lawn mower.

Everything that is old is new again.  Here is Push Reel Lawn Mower that is a joy to use.  Lightweight, super efficient, easy-to-handle and quiet. And as an added bonus — no pollution. This really is one of, if not the best, push mowers you can buy.  Green living is easy.

Brill Razorcut Push reel mower


5 Blades — The optimal number of blades for superior cutting and ease of pushing.

Weighs only 17 pounds – light enough to hang on the garage wall or pick up with one hand

8 inch diameter wheels

Silent cut design — The blade misses the bedknife by less than a millimeter. This reduces friction and allows the mower to cut the grass like scissors. It also increases the blade life, which means you won’t have to sharpen for a decade or more.

Flame hardened, welded steel blades — harder than tempered alloy, which also helps increase blade life.

Dry powder coat on metal components — Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. And colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Powder coating is also highly protective of the environment, because it contains no solvents.

Sealed bearings. No extra maintenance required, because the bearings are sealed.

Brill mowers feature a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Silent Cut Design reduces wear and tear on the blades. In this system, the reel blade and the bedknife don’t come in contact – instead they remain separated by less than a millimeter and shear the grass like scissors. This clean cut also helps the grass recover, because it doesn’t mangle the stem or leave a jagged edge.

This lets you cut low enough for the golf course look, and high enough for an average length c
Cutting height ranges from 15mm to 45mm (0.7 inches to 1.8 inches). ut for a wide variety of grass types.

Mowing width is 38 cm (15.2 inches). Small enough to maneuver easily through the yard, but still about 75 percent as wide as the average 20 inch wide gas mower.

Mower comes fully assembled except for the handle. The handle comes in three pieces and requires no tools to put together and attach to the mower. Takes about 10 minutes to get out of the box and into the yard. The handle has a great design giving this model a more stylish and sleek look while allowing for easy maneuvering.

Detailed information on the ball bearing system:
Brill reel mowers have a sealed bearing with a separate bearing race.

Types of grass where the Brill is NOT usually suitable

Brill mowers are lightweight, which makes them perfect for most types of grass. However, a few thicker grasses will typically pose problems for Brill mowers. If you have St Augustine grass, Zoysia, or Bermuda, then you should consider something like the Scotts Classic reel mower instead, which does fine with those grasses.

Things to keep in mind with any manual reel mower

1. Manual reel mowers don’t cut tall weeds well (but they do great on grass!). Because of the design, the reel will roll over tall weeds and dandelions without cutting much. So they aren’t a good choice to mow a vacant lot, but they’ll do superbly with a grass lawn.

2. If you don’t mow weekly, it’s going to be much harder to push. You know how a gas mower will bog down when you try to mow grass that hasn’t been cut in weeks? Well, it’s like that with a reel mower, except you’re the motor.

Priced around 300$ inclusive of the grass catcher. You can buy it HERE


Our Second Product is a simple compostor made out of recycled plastics, which makes composting easy and affordable.

This unobtrusive recycled plastic composter is an easy way to turn kitchen scraps and other organic waste from your home into fertilizer for your garden.

The durable design of this compost bin makes it an efficient composter for kitchen scraps and yard waste. The large lid, oversized handle, and 4 sliding access panels (one on each side) make it easy for any gardener to start composting. As the organic material decomposes, you simply open any one of the sliding panels and shovel out your rich, high-quality compost.

Recycled Plastic Compost Bin Features and Benefits:

  • Requires no tools for assembly, so you can start composting in a matter of minutes.
  • Holds more than 12 cubic feet of material (approximately 90 gallons), which is plenty of room for several bags of leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps, etc.
  • The extra-large lid allows you to add lots of organic material at once. This also helps with watering and mixing the compost.
  • Features 4 sliding panels so you can easily take out the compost with a shove.
  • Opened bottom compost bin. This lets the liquid compost tea that comes from the compost seep into the soil where the bin is located, improving the soil in the area around where you’ve set up the composting unit.
  • Wide air slots for proper air circulation and efficient decomposition of organic waste.
  • Dimensions 85centimeters tall x 75 centimeters wide x 75 centimeters deep (the approximate size in inches is 33″ h x 28.5″ w x 28.5″ d)
  • Comes with easy to assemble instructions.
  • Made from 100% recycled Polypropylene plastic.
  • The dark color soaks up sunlight and maintains a warm operating temperature for accelerated results.

The Polypropylene plastic that’s used in this composter is unusual. Unlike type 1 plastic (PETE) or type 2 plastic (HDPE), Polypropylene (type 5 plastic) usually ends up in the landfill rather than being recycled into new products. There isn’t much demand for recycled Polypropylene – it’s primarily used to make bottle caps and drinking straws, and those can’t be made from recycled plastic for sanitary reasons. By purchasing products made with recycled Polypropylene, you can help prevent unnecessary waste and create market demand that encourages more people to recycle.

Energy Saving

Using this product will cut down on the amount of energy we use in our everyday life.

Low Carbon Footprint

Through its process it does no produce a large amount of CO2.

Recyclable and/or Recyclable Packaging

The materials used in this product can be recycled at the end of its use, or is made from recycled materials which saves waste.

If your compost dries out too quickly, you can help keep moisture inside by adding coco fiber to the compost mix. By using a good mix of dry and wet ingredients, you can accelerate the process of turning trimmings and kitchen scraps into healthy soil!

Priced around 120$ this is available Here

Hope it helped in Greening your Garden! Live Green!