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Ways To Help Save The Planet Before You Are 12!

I was at the library the other day browsing through the returns section when a title caught my eye “101 ways You can Help Save the Planet Before You’re 12!Loved the premise and checked out the book to read at leisure. The book reminded me of the kids I come across at the zoo who are really knowledgeable about the environment, recycling et al… I am pleasantly surprised when a 6 year old asks for a recycle sign when am doing face painting! and of course it makes me feel hopeful to see them being so aware at such a young age.

At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium there is an exhibit called “My House at the Habitat Hollow” It is a house which has made use of recycled materials and showcases recycling, and reusing things, alongside recreation of Ohio’s native wildlife environment inclusive of fox holes and other fun stuff kids can climb through. There is a lot of interactive learning stuff inside which kids get to touch and feel, and I believe gets them introduced to the concept of the 3R’s “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Looking from the outside one tends to think it looks kind of bare and does not look like there would be animals in there and give it a pass… but once a kid makes a visit inside they invariably come back the next time they are at the zoo.

So I picked up the book with the intention of getting some pointers when volunteering at the zoo. The book compiled by Joanne O’Sullivan covers a broad variety of topics children can pay attention to. The book is simple enough that a tween can read and understand it. It would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library.

What did I like about it?

It is an easy read, simple instructions. Kids have enormous potential to bring about change and they are more receptive to change when they understand the how and why. The book helps kids in getting involved in day to day decisions where there is a green alternative. Websites and other helpful links are provided. DIY projects ranging from gardening to making stuff out of waste. Simple changes which make kids think before consumerism gets to them 100%. Thought provoking. I believe it is a good first step for any child who likes to read.

Some pointers which I found especially interesting:

  • Green Your Games – She suggests that kids pick up Save your planet games instead of repetitive electronic games.
    Examples –
    Planet Green game Free online Game by Global Green USA in Collaboration with Starbucks. Starbucks and Global Green USA collaborated on the Planet Green Game to educate the public about climate change through engaging and informative game play while encouraging individuals to become part of the solution in their own lives.  The game also assists individuals – through simple tools and links – in advocating action by elected officials, business and community leaders. I love the way they display tips when one completes a task. Check it out!

    Simcity Societies Paid Game – Use your Wii to create your ideal world. The game is from Electronic arts in collaboration with Tilted Mills. EA and Tilted Mill are excited to announce the most significant update to SimCity Societies yet, with six scenarios, city-wide policies, budgetary controls, and more. In this update, we introduce powerful new ways of playing SimCity Societies, as well as further refinements to both Creative and Strategic modes of play. This update wouldn’t have been possible without feedback from our users on Tilted Mill’s, EA’s and other gaming forums, and we are grateful for everyone’s input.

    Xeko The Endangered animal trading game – Gaming for Good is a new trend in gaming! Play Exclusive Games. Activate a Portion of Proceeds to a Nonprofit. Save Real Animals, People & the Earth.

    Adventure Ecology is a free online game. A Virtual world where you can take a grueling 100-day expedition traversing one of the earth’s most dangerous and environmentally challenged regions. Mix in 14 million sq kilometers of rapidly melting sea ice, 16 Inuit sled dogs, 4 polar adventurers, 3 hungry polar bears, 2.5 tonnes of expedition gear, 5 pairs of snapped ski’s, 6000 photos, 45 kg of chocolate, 2 world records and 1 important message. Launched in 2006 it is a very informative game. Founded by David de Rothschild, Adventure Ecology is a free, extensive online resource that aims to create and promote a greater connection with the natural world through a series of high profile expeditions.

  • Be A Picker Upper – Find Trash around the school, on the way to school etc… pick it up, drop it in the garbage can and don’t forget to wash your hands. Seeing you do it will make trash droppers realize their foolishness and of course it helps keep the environment clean.
  • Eating Slow Food Instead of Fast Food – Healthier for you and the Planet, creates less waste and uses lesser amount of fuel too…

  • DIY Green thingsMake a Solar Oven from a Pizza Box Make a Snow globe from baby food jar

  • Help the Honeybees Learn about the honeybees here

    Check out the book it has a lot of simple, easy to do projects for kids of all ages, 101 Ways to be precise :). Starting a green informed life early I believe is the best way, Live Green!! Have A Green week ahead 🙂

    101 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet Before You’re 12!

Andrew Wong Winner of Toyota Earth Day Scholarship

From everything around me I understand that unless the environment is taken care of starting now (if possible should have done it yesterday or the day before.. you get the drift) the Earth we leave our next generations to will be a mess, a man made mess.

Native American’s have a saying which I tend to often repeat whenever I get a chance, it goes like this “Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” The future we know belongs to todays children, the next generation and the ones to come after them. It is therefore our responsibility to help them be good stewards of the amazing blue planet we call home.

In Canada the Auto Major Toyota Canada Inc and Earth Day Canada  have together established The Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program to reward and encourage environmental commitment and action among students. The scholarship program is an incentive for youngsters who will emerge as tomorrows environmental leaders, activists and advocates.

The Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program grants 20 awards of $5000 each annually, to be applied directly towards tuition, books, room and board (where applicable) or other educational expenses for the first year of post-secondary full-time studies in Canada.

Regional panels of community, business and environmental leaders will select the winners who best meet the selection criteria. Awards will be granted in five geographic areas:

  • Atlantic Canada
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Western Canada / Northwest Territories / Nunavut
  • British Columbia / Yukon

A national winner – selected from the 20 regional winners – will also be awarded the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship National Award and a Panasonic notebook computer at the National Award Ceremony.

This year the national winner is Andrew Wong of Ontario Canada. Andrew mobilizes his peers to achieve environmental goals. At school, he recognized that an abandoned greenhouse was an underutilized resource which had great potential to educate students about plant science and horticulture. Being the treasurer of his school student body he knew the limited resources the school had would not be available. He and a group of dedicated volunteers created The Greenhouse Horticultural society and grew and sold geraniums to raise money for the Greenhouse. Today the greenhouse is a hub for biological education enrichment and is an inspirational accomplishment for the students and faculty at Andrew’s high school.

Andrew Wong with his award

Andrew is a very dedicated and active member of amny green organisations in his community and has been commended by the committee as a shining example of global citizenship. “It is this type of leadership and passion, which Andrew has shown, which will be needed to tackle the environmental issues of today and help to build the more sustainable societies of tomorrow,” said Yoichi Tomihara, President of Toyota Canada Inc. “That’s why we’re so pleased to honour Andrew with the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship National Award, for demonstrating such exemplary academic and environmental excellence. I’m confident this passionate student leader will help show all Canadians how they can live Earth Day, Every Day.” He has taken an active role to improve the state of the environment and will no doubt continue to be an inspirational leader for positive change.

He also blogs about the environment at a million green things It is a pleasure to see youngsters like Andrew Wong, gives us all more hope about where the world is headed. All the very Best to the Andrew Wond and his ilk, the future is yours…

Live Green!

Source – Green Living  The Toyota Earth Day Scholarship