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Recyling Broken Glass and Rubber Tires

No, I did not mean recycling them together! I am talking about 2 amazing green building products available in our markets. The recycled rubber tire flooring Bounce back and recycled glass faux stone Icestone. 2 Green Products Both Made In the USA!

Bounceback Safety Surfacing

Annually 4.5 million tires are recycled and converted into flooring and rubber mulch which again can be recycled, by RB Rubber Products The Bounceback flooring is perfect for outdoors or indoor play grounds and high traffic areas and it meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American with Disability Act (ADA) requirements tested by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) methods. All RB Bounce Back tiles meet the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) tests for applicable fall heights and are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). The product is manufactured in the U.S.A.

It comes in 5 colors / finishes Black,Red, Blue, green and Fleck. To buy the product contact the company here

Icestone Durable Surfaces

If you think all slabs are created equal, it’s time to look deeper. Is your countertop coated with plastic resin? Does it contain harmful petrochemicals? Is it made from stone or granite mined half way around the world in unknown and unregulated labor conditions? Extracted or manufactured without concern for the environment?

IceStone is the most healthy and environmentally responsible material on the market – 100% free of harmful plastics, toxic resins, and VOCs . Each slab is pre-cast in a day-lit factory that meets OSHA standards, and IceStone employees receive a living wage.

The mixing of non-toxic pigments with various glass colors and sizes results in IceStone’s versatile color palette. We have 28 available colors, but the palette is infinite. Custom color options are available for commercial projects only.

All IceStone slabs are manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. It is available in many colors check out the variety here. You can find a dealer/store near you here

Next time you are thinking about a DIY project check to see whether there is an alternative to the existing finishes and surfaces which may not be environmentally friendly. There are new products coming out every day and they need our support to stay alive in the market flush with non-envrionmentally friendly products. Live Green!

For more information on Icestone check our their website HERE

To know more about the Bounceback Safety surfaces check their home page HERE

One site I depend on to find Green products is GPII Green Products Innovation, They certify and list products which have already adopted the Cradle to Cradle® standard to ensure human and environmental health and safety.