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Saving Sea Turtles

An effort to save thousands of sea turtle hatchlings from dying in the oily Gulf of Mexico has begun in a desperate attempt to keep an entire generation of threatened species from vanishing.

Turtle experts are undergoing the painstaking process of excavating up to 800 nests; each egg must be carefully lifted from its nest without rolling or repositioning it, to avoid disrupting the growing embryo inside. Then the eggs will be transported to a climate-controlled hanger at Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s east coast where they’ll stay until hatching.

Over the past week, the plan has gone into action, and baby turtles are now swimming free in the Atlantic Ocean.

The first group hatches

Image Courtesy @Discover Magazine

The first batch of turtles gave the project managers cause for optimism, according to Jane A. Provancha, a contractor working in the warehouse:On Saturday and Monday evenings, she released 56 baby turtles into the dark waters of the Atlantic and watched them swim away. Turtles from about 83% of the eggs in the first nest have emerged and swum out to sea, she said. “They looked really great. They were a little slow at first, but then they started moving around,” she said.

Towards The Water Edge

Image Courtesy @Discover Magazine

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