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Solar Energy Products For Everyday Use

A look at Daily Use Solar Energy Products:

In the last decade the availability of Solar energy driven products are steadily on the rise in a market which is looking for more Green products every day. Today even though for the common man going fully Solar is not economically viable there are products which can help in reducing our carbon foot print, reduce energy consumption and also makes good ecological and economic sense. Taking a look at what is out there in the Solar market.

When I look at Solar powered things I find a myriad of items on the market from lights to water heaters and solar powered generators. The Most common one would be the  SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS – Solar powered lights are readily available in the market. Solar landscape lights are becoming popular as they can be used where ever without the hassle of pulling a power line or point. Solar landscape lights come in a variety of sizes and designs (exterior), but the basic structure of a Solar landscape light is pretty simple. It has a glass top, right beneath it is a solar panel and a photo resistor or a light sensor (which if covered the LED lights up!) underneath that an LED, a board and a battery. When the Sun shines the solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy and this is stored in the AA battery. As night falls the photo resistor switches on the LED using the stored Solar energy.  Solar landscape lights are always on a stake. Solar outdoor lighting is priced as per finish and the number of LEDS etc…

solar garden lamp

Solar Sign Lights are slightly different outdoor lighting as they are mounted onto signs and name boards. Solar sign lights light up sign-boards advertisement boards etc during night and can be used anywhere without the hassles of a power line. Solar sign lights are sturdy, weather proof and give you 100,000 hours of light. The LEDs on Solar sign lights are powerful. Solar Sign lights are an economic way to light up your fence, your walk way or anything else outside.

  • silicon solar These Solar sign lights have to be mounted on the ground. Range from Solar spot lights to Solar flood lights.
  • solar illuminations Sells an array of Solar powered lights: to be used in pools, solar street lights, Solar Sign lights, Solar landscape lights, Solar powered lights for decks, Solar powered lights with motion sensors etc…
  1. SOLAR WATER HEATERS – Some of the earliest uses of Solar energy was to heat water. These days they are used to heat pools too. Solar water heaters are made up of Solar collectors and insulated storage tanks. Solar heat energy is used to heat water using flat Solar panels heat the water and this water is pumped into circulation. Solar water heaters are placed facing south and angled according to location to maximize Solar exposure. Check out a sample water heater here

    More information here.

  2. SOLAR COOKERS – Using transparent glass tops Solar heat is concentrated into vessels and used to cook food. (Quite similar to how it over heats inside a closed car left outside on a hot sunny day). Check this one out
  3. SOLAR GADGETS – Smaller PV cells are used to charge calculators, watches etc…
  4. SOLAR DESALINATION AND WATER PURIFICATION – Simply put long exposure of water in pet bottles to Solar energy purifies water by killing harmful bacteria. Solar energy is also used to desalinate water by evaporation and condensation.
  5. PORTABLE SOLAR POWER PACKS – Portable Solar chargers are already available on the market. It uses solar energy to charge cells phones iPods etc…
  6. SOLAR BIRD BATHS AND WATER FOUNTAINS – Solar water fountains are readily availble and are very simple to assemble and use. The best part is one does not have to worry about power points and power chords! They have pumps connected to Solar cells which power them. You can find small table top fountain pumps to commercial strength pumps. Heated bird baths using solar cells is simply amazing as it keeps your bird friends happy through the year.Check out some fountain options at Silicon Solar
  7. SOLAR FUN STUFF – There are solar kits on the market which can be used to pretty much convert a lot of small appliances to Solar. There are also educational toy kits like car, helicopter etc available on the market from Silicon solar etc…

Will keep updating the list, am heading out tomorrow to check out some Green new patio lights! Will keep you posted! After all it is all about going Green! Live Green!