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Heritage Solar Slate Roofing: Green And Visually Pleasing

Read about this new solar roofing tile from Heritage solar called “Solar Slate” which truly makes use of your roof space without taking away from the aesthetic appeal of your home. The slates are designed to not stand out, there by helping with planning permission and regulations. It can even be used in historic preservation areas. Solar slate is manufactured by Renewable Energy Systems Ltd: a UK based leading company in the field of alternative energy projects.

Snowdonia national Park in the UK has a traditional cottage called Y Stabal which has 340 panels of the solar slate installed in its roof.

Heritage Solar Slates are innovative roof-integrated photovoltaic solar slates.
They are efficient, reliable, fully weather proof and look just like regular roofing slates. Unlike traditional solar panels, they blend in with standard roof slates to create a virtually invisible solar panel roof. Heritage Solar Slates are ideal for use in conservation areas, on historic buildings, new builds, or renovation projects. They are very low maintenance and easy to install.

What makes Heritage Solar Slates better than competition:

  • Reliability: No moving parts
  • Aesthetics: At last a perfect match to traditional slates
  • Practically no maintenance
  • Feed-in-tariffs eligible
  • Easily meets planning requirements
  • Plug and play: painless installation

The company site has the Guarantee terms as follows: Guarantee terms include a 10 year roof integrity guarantee and 10 year minimum performance guarantee (subject to terms, conditions, and limitations).

Clean, reliable, sustainable, renewable and aesthetically appealing! Check it out when you think about a new roof.

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