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A Road Trip to Reignite The White House Solar Project

Today morning at 9AM EST Bill McKibben the founder of 350.org will lead a group of Unity College students to meet White House representatives about Solar Installations on the White house roof. The team started a road trip from Maine on the 7th of September with the intent to reignite the solar installation project in the white house which was started by President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and dismantled by Ronald Reagan. The team will be carrying one of the original Carter panels from Maine as a symbolic gesture.

You can ask the President to Fix his roof here 🙂

Bill McKiben’s aim is to get solar panels on the roof of the white house; in his words “as visible as the White House Garden”. Any worthwhile environmental legislation has been shot down or watered down by the Fossil Fuel industry and its allies without breaking sweat. Putting Solar panels on the White house roof is something the President can make a decision on without being worried about a filibuster proof majority.

When the most powerful Country’s Government is dragging its feet when it comes to action on climate and environment, how can we expect other countries to take measures easily?

What I found interesting is the fact that President George W Bush did add some solar panels to the roofs of a maintenance shed, the presidential Spa and Cabana! Sad part is it did not get the coverage it deserved as it was not popularized. When President Carter put in the Solar panels for a water heating in 1979 he believed that it would be there until 2000 providing every president with hot water! The panels taken down by President Ronald Reagan were taken and used by the Unity college where it has provided hot water for 3 decades now!

The team is hoping for 10/10/2010 as the date when the panels will be installed on the White house roof. It is the Global Work Party day, the date is 10/10/10. The place is wherever you live. And the point is to do something that will help deal with global warming in your city or community. New Zealand has plans for giant bike fix-up day, Uganda plans to plant thousands of trees, Bolivia plans to in install solar panels to negate their carbon foot print. The Hope is to see our president helping his home go solar for the entire world to see.

Wondering whether the tax payer will have to foot the bill for these panels? No need to worry, Sungevity Solar a California based solar manufacturer has promised to provide them free of cost provided they will be mounted visible to the public.

China has more than 60 million solar water heaters installed! The White House leading the way will make a push for Solar unlike any other by reigniting the “Green Movement” which was allowed to wither away 3 decades back. The Global climate depends on each one of us doing our bit to get away from using fossil fuels, lesser fossil fuel we consume better it will be for the environment and our planets future.

Waiting for the meeting today and hope we get a positive outcome out of it.  Seeing Solar Panels on the roof of the most powerful home in the world, what can be more symbolic and Green.

Watch the coverage on Democracy Now:

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi “We must be the change that we want to see in this world”

Go 350.org! Go Eco Warriors! you make me proud to be a follower! Live Green!


Put Solar On it

Unity College



The meeting with White house officials sadly did not produce any positive result and the write up by McKibben can be read here . The Carter Panel will stay in Washington albeit not in the White house, and the 10/10/10 Global Work Party is going ahead full steam. May be President Obama will rethink about fixing his roof sooner than later.