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SolarTie™ Efficiency for Grid Connected PV Power Plants

At the Solar Power International North America’s largest Business to Business Solar Event, American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) a global power technologies company exhibited their SolarTie™ Grid Interconnection Solution for Photovoltaic power plants. As alternative energy gathers steam and becomes more available the need for large scale grid connected solar projects are inevitable.

Standardized, distributed intelligence will make the power grid smarter. However, massive new transmission capacity is needed to incorporate large renewable energy sources. Current power line technologies using semiconductors require huge towers, with huge footprints, to transmit the necessary amounts of electricity from wind- or solar-rich areas to urban areas.

SolarTie™ combines two of AMSC’s proven and proprietary technologies – D-VAR® STATCOM solutions and Powermodule™ power converter systems – that are today connecting over 15 Gigawatts of renewable energy to the grid.

What is new about SolarTie™ Interconnection Solution?

  • Industry’s First Optimized Utility-Scale PV Interconnection System Introduced at Solar Power International 2010
  • Provides Centralized Control of Real and Reactive Power at the Point of Interconnection
  • Enables Developers to Meet the Most Stringent Grid Interconnection Requirements With Proven, Cost-Effective Technology

With a base rating of 1.4 megawatts (MW) and a turn-on voltage of up to 1,000 volts (VDC), the SolarTie™ solution is one of the most robust power inverter systems on the market. AMSC says in addition, SolarTie™ customers will benefit from:

  • The services of AMSC’s highly skilled and experienced Network Planning and Applications Group;
  • Solar inverters based on AMSC’s proven PowerModule™ platform;
  • The ability to control real and reactive power at the Point of Interconnection;
  • AMSC’s proprietary Smart Grid Interface (SGI) Controller, which directs SolarTie inverters and reactive power elements to provide efficient energy production and precise regulation at the Point Of Interconnection (POI); and
  • Easy integration with STATCOMs and/or capacitor and reactor shunt banks for additional reactive support if installed as part of the system.

By coupling best-in-class power converter capabilities with AMSC’s world-renowned dynamic reactive compensation technology, the SolarTie product represents the industry’s first fully optimized solution for utility-scale PV power plant developers. The addressable market for SolarTie™ solutions is expected by industry analysts to be approximately $2 billion by 2015.

Video of Jack McCall, Director of Business Development AMSC talking about the SolarTie

Source – Press Release from AMSC here