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Upcycling Wine Corks

Like the line from Tennyson’s poem The Miller’s daughter “After-dinner talk across walnuts and wine” it just makes sense  at least the wine does to me, the Walnut not so much :). To anyone who enjoys his/ her glass of wine it is evident bottles get recycled and the corks normally end up in the trash can. I have thought about what to do with them and keep them until the fill up a bag and then one day I throw it all in with the trash and start again.

As I was surfing the web I chanced across an article by Dave Chameides also known as “Sustainable Dave” titled “Don’t throw those wine corks away, upcycle them’ and that title piqued my interest.

His article helped me find a way to save the corks! Dave says “‘Thanks to companies like Recork, the answer to your problems lies only a post office or drop off box away. Recork will take back your natural corks, and make them into new shoe treads for a company called Sole. How cool is that? You can send your corks in (they’ll send you a free mailing label for 15 lbs or more), or better yet, you can find a drop off in your area and turn them in as you use them. According to their website, to date, they have upcycled over 8 million corks and planted over 2000 trees (they do that too).”

You can read the entire article here

I also found this cool video on using wine corks to make a board check it out below

And found this one from BetterTV which has a video on what one can do creatively with wine corks!

So next time you uncork the bottle of wine don’t forget to save the cork! Enjoy your wine and Live Green 🙂