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Green Gas Stations Of the Future: Yana The Solar Charging Station

It has been on an ongoing process for Presidents starting with Richard Nixon in the 1970’s every president since has vowed to take America off her addiction to Oil, but till date we are far from it. When the BP Deep Water Oil Spill happened and as it still goes on spewing oil into the ocean after 60+ glorious days of BP trying everything known to the oil industry to stop it, there is a renewed interest to really get off our dependence on oil in a better percentage of the population than before.

Electric vehicles or EV’s as they are called are becoming more acceptable to even the doubters as they are getting better mileage and speeds comparable to the standard automobiles. While EV’s reduce the usage of petroleum by a good chunk the charging of EV’s using the electricity we produce from Oil / coal based technologies do not really serve the purpose of going green. In the future, electric vehicles will play an ever greater role in individual transport. Many companies are coming out with charging stations using alternative energy sources. CO2-free mobility is already possible today with what is currently the world’s largest stand-alone solar charging station, situated in Berlin-Adlershof and is called The Yana Docking Station.

Source for picture and info Younicos AG

German company Younicos AG based in Berlin with a very interesting and apt motto “Let the fossils Rest in Peace” have come up with a comprehensive charging infrastructure based on solar energy. Younicos believes everyday electric mobility is possible in near future. They talk about a future where electric vehicles will be charged while we are having a coffee, working or sleeping! That future is called – Yana Docking Station. Younicos not only provides complete solar charging stations on a turnkey basis, but also smaller docking stations which can be integrated into existing grids.

Yana Docking stations come pre-assembled in various formats: with integrated street lighting, with various integrated advertising possibilities, with a solar module or in a simple block-shaped design. All of the Yana Docking Stations are equipped with control and communications electronics as well as one or more socket modules as a part of their central construction element.

When Yana Docking Stations draw their energy from renewable sources, users of docking stations integrated into the grid are also mobile CO2-free.

In principle, all types of electrically powered vehicles can be charged at the solar charging station. The employees on the SOLON campus mainly use electric scooters, which maneuver nimbly through city traffic.

At the solar charging station, up to eight electric vehicles can be fueled at the same time.

Components of the solar charging station

The solar charging station at Berlin-Adlershof consists of three essential components:

  • A mover to generate electricity – The mover is a biaxial photovoltaic generator with 12 large modules. It follows the sun and can thus generate up to 40% more energy per site than solar systems that do not track.
  • A storage unit – A long-life vanadium redox flow battery serves as storage unit. The battery stores 100 kWh, provides 10 kW and enables electricity to be tapped at any time. It is the ideal complement to renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass) for solutions independent of the grid.
  • An intelligent electrical connector system – Younicos has developed a system for electrical charging stations that consists of an intelligent outlet and associated software. The system enables communication between the outlet and an external service by means of a GSM modem. The outlet, outfitted with a motorized flap, indicates its current status with a range of colors.

The charging station is set up to recognize what user is charging his or her vehicle and ensures precise billing. Pretty cool don’t you think?

May be the day is not far when we will be refilling our vehicles at these solar charging stations in our homes or at the corner coffee shop! Live Green!