The Hole In The Ozone Layer What Happened To It?

What happened to the Ozone Hole?

Picture source The National Geographic

Remember the Hole in the Ozone layer? It’s size, location, remedy etc was a topic of heated discussion for quite some time in the late 80’s and through the 90’s which now sounds like eons back (remember the big hair, Dirty Dancing??!).  Discussions about what we could do to reduce CFC’s – Chlorofluorocarbons which were causing it used to be quite common. Growing up during those years it was my first encounter with what we were doing to the environment and in some ways my first step into the realm of environmentalism.

We were told keeping the Refrigerator door closed (Freon was the agent of cooling in many of the old refrigerators), using less or no aerosols etc.. would help, and almost all the aerosols sold during those times did contain CFC’s. The industrialized nations were using CFC laden aerosols for over 50 years by then! Simplified what was happening was the CFC’s remained in the atmosphere rose up to the Ozone layer and the Chlorine in the CFC’s comibined with Oxygen there by depleting Ozone. By 1996 almost all the industrialized nations totally banned CFC’s. Even then it was estimated by scientists that it would take more than 50 years to get the Chlorine in the atmosphere to normal levels.

Today morning I read this article in The National Geographic which talks about “what is happening to the Ozone Layer?”  It says that in the last 3 decades the world has taken a united stand that has made the Ozone hole manageable, it is still there, but has stopped growing and is under control. Will a united action plan by the world be able to curb climate change too? Something to think about…

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