Tips and tricks to play Slingo games

Tips and tricks to play Slingo games

The winner of Slingo games online is a multiplayer environment game where the winner is selected as the person who has scored the most amount of points and took the least spins.

In order to improve the number of points that are earned by you here is some tips and tricks, you can use to improve your gameplay on Slingo.

  •  Use powerups :- 

If the variant of Slingo games you are using has the option to use powerups, then you should use them as it will help you to gather more points and make you score better.

Make sure to use your powerups at the time of need or at the correct time so that you can make the maximum utilization out of it and gain more extra points.

  •  Save your multipliers:- 

 You can gather 3 X or even 5 X while playing the game and then you can save it till the last so that the points which you have gathered at last can be multiplied and can make you the winner of the online match of the Slingo games and also the titleholder.

  •  Devils protection :- 

If the Slingo that you are playing has mini-games, you will have the feature of devils protection where if you land on the reel of number which has a devils symbol.

Then it will save you from getting your points reduced in half as the devil’s symbol will reduce whatever points you have scored in half.

The protection also does not lasts long so you will have to hope that the time you have used the protection feature is enough so that your points do not get reduced.

Game mode available in Slingo

These are the game mode that is available in Slingo

  • Classic Slingo – This is the original version of the game that was officially released in the year 1994.
  • Mixed matrix Slingo – This version of the game has a new feature where all the numbers will be kept in a random spot. It’s not like the old Slingo games model.

Here number can be chosen from any of the columns any column on the board and the joker can still choose any number from whatever column he likes to.

This is a time-based game, and you will have to search for what numbers have been hit and which column are they located.

  • Duel Slingo – This is a two-player game where the player and the computer will take chances one by one and spin the reel.

Whoever scores the most will win the Slingo game.

  • Giant Slingo – This is also a similar version of the game, but this has a thing called giant where if you earn it you can choose the number of jokers you want. You can select up to 4 numbers when you get this giant.
  • Super square Slingo – in this mode any five numbers will turn red it means that its a super square and if you land on it then it will award you 1800 points.

I hope this article provides you with the information you seek off.

Feris Fenny

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