Why Use Alternative Energy ?

i.   Alternative energy is eco-friendly.
ii.  Alternative energy reduces green house gases
iii.  Alternative energy reduces carbon-footprint
iv.  Since 1973 America has paid almost 7trillion dollars of its wealth to pay the OPEC member countries for fossil fuel!
v.  Alternative energy reduces the usage of one a precious commodity these days- water!!Which is used for cooling in fossil fuel based power generation.
vi.  Alternative energy not only helps to save the planet for your children and grandchildren, but also helps reduce your energy bills in the long run.
vii.  The Government does help out with tax breaks and subsidies when one uses Alternative Energy.
viii.  Green pricing programs allow electricity customers to express their willingness to pay for Alternative energy development through direct payments on their monthly utility bills.
ix.  Alternative energy systems once decommissioned the area can be taken back to the way it was without much hassles.
x.  Alternative energy sources such as the Sun and wind are never going to run out, while oil and coal will.

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