5 Historical and Interesting Places in Medan

5 Historical and Interesting Places in Medan

When planning for a vacation, you will earn a listing of tourist attractions that you would like to see, right? hosee who wish to research Medan, do not miss these ancient sites because going to those areas can make your holiday more vibrant. Historical places in Medan have an intriguing history that is interesting to understand. Exploring these areas will cause you to gain more knowledge about this particular town. Below are just five attractive historic sites in Medan you must visit.

  • Sri Mariamman Temple

In this city, you will not just understand the grandeur of the Great Mosque, but you will also discover quite a few historic buildings. Among those exciting temples would be called the Sri Mariamman Temple at Medan. Sri Mariamman is a temple that was constructed in 1884. Sri Mariamman is a temple built by Tamil Indian communities situated in Kampung Madras. This temple has been created as a kind of respect and worship of the Goddess known as Dewi Kali.

  • Medan Grand Mosque

The Medan Grand Mosque is the oldest mosque at Medan, constructed in 1906. It was a relic of the Deli Sultanate, specifically Sultan Ma’moen Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam. This mosque stands at 8,000 square meters and has an area that reaches 5,000 square meters. What’s unique is that the construction hasn’t been renovated since it was initially built. In addition to being a place of worship for all Muslims in Medan, Medan Grand Mosque is also a historical tourist place in Medan, which you need to see while in Medan.

  • Maimun Palace

Maimun Palace is among Medan’s famed historical attractions you should not miss. You’ll be astounded by the beauty of the palace. The gold color dominance of this palace is impressive. Maimun Palace is not merely a historical website. It is also used as a venue for weddings. Isn’t that interesting? This magnificent Maimun Palace has influenced three cultures: conventional Malay, Middle East, and Europe. Standing on 2,227 square meters of land, Maimun Palace has 30 bedrooms with two floors.

  • Gunung Timur Temple

Come to see the Gunung Timur Temple too, which can be one of the many historical sights in Medan. Medan does have lots of historic religious buildings and can become a tourist destination. Gunung Timur Temple is a place of worship for Buddhists in Medan. This location has a land area of ​​5,000 cubic meters and was constructed in 1958. It’s found near Sri Mariamman Temple, and it could be an enjoyable historical tourism idea in Medan. Every corner of the building from the Tao Klenteng appears so Instagramable, and that means that you won’t run out of places to become interesting photo items. If you want to find a significant festival, then the ideal time to see this temple is through the celebration of Chinese New Year or Cap Go Meh.

  • Tjong A Fie’s house

Tjong A Fie’s house is just one of those historical heritages of all Tjong A Fie. This house employs a mixture of European, Malay, and Chinese architectural design and is dedicated to Tjong A Fie because of his cherished wife Kiem Koi Yap. This intriguing house is well worth visiting with your friends and family. Starting from 2009, his personal residence was opened to the public, and it’s always crowded. Sticking to Tjong A Fie’s home is the ideal place if you wish to take many photos. You won’t ever run out of exciting areas to take pictures of. Do not forget to upload it to your social websites and share it with your pals.

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