6 Most Famous Traditional Culinary in Banyuwangi

6 Most Famous Traditional Culinary in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is one city that has a lot of traditional cuisines. Culinary in Banyuwangi is often found in some restaurants and some custom events. Lots of people want to know the process of how to make it and the food components. For those who like different sorts of exceptional, spicy, and soupy culinary, you may visit Banyuwangi to get these foods. Below are some famous traditional foods in Banyuwangi.

  1. Rujak Soto

The most famous culinary in Banyuwangi is Rujak Soto. It’s a blend of two different cuisines, specifically RujakCingur and Soto Babat. The results of the flavor of both of these culinary delights and unusual flavors served spicily but can adjust to taste. Rujak is a meal consisting of many fruits and doused with chili mills, sugar, and beans. Soto is soupy food and contains some kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, and various other vegetables.

  1. PecelPitik

Of the culinary in Banyuwangi, Pecel Chicken comprises typical meals in Banyuwangi. Its essential ingredients are chicken that is burnt in the fireplace. But, Banyuwangi folks are never steaming the chicken until tender because they would like to preserve the taste of the poultry’s softness. PecelPitik is usually mixed with the peanut paste and grated coconut. The beans are then mixed with spicy seasonings. Furthermore, the flavoring is incorporated into a chicken that’s been cut into several components.

  1. Sego Tempong

It’s quite well known in Banyuwangi, typical in its own sauce. The amount of spiciness is remarkably common in culinary lovers. Sego Tempong is served with various vegetables, like cassava leaves, eggplant, cucumber, and other beans. Its complements are tofu, tempeh, and fried salted fish. Sego Tempong was prevalent throughout the food stalls on the roadside.

  1. Sego Cawuk

Sego Cawuk is the most delicious menu in Banyuwangi that is served for breakfast or also at lunch. It’s served with grated coconut by boiled water, equipped with small cucumber and corn slices. Typically, the soup of the meals is provided anchovy. As a side food companion, Sego Cawuk is generally eaten with chicken or boiled duck egg and spicy sea fish. For spicy food lovers, you can add a spicy tomato sauce. This food is called Sego Cawuk since the first way, they do not use a spoon, but consume it by hand.

  1. Spicy Chicken

As its titles imply, Spicy Chicken is classified as spicy food at a higher level. Maybe, it is because most locals in Banyuwangi like to add chili to cook and consequently contributes to the general cuisine. This dish is chicken added by a selection of flavored coconut milk and vegetables.

  1. PecelRawon

This traditional food is a fusion between Pecel and Rawon. First, Pecel gives it peanut sauce and then douses it with Rawon soup along with the meat. Pecel is a food composed of several sorts of vegetables and uses peanut sauce as a flavoring. Rawon is black soupy food, and there is some meat in it. PecelRawon only exists in Banyuwangi and is not prevalent in other towns.

A vacation to Banyuwangi is more than just-food. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more about Banyuwangi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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