Exploring Dubai by Visiting the Best Attractions

Exploring Dubai by Visiting the Best Attractions

Dubai is worldwide famous for its sky kissing buildings, white-sand beaches and its mesmerizing natural beauty. From the gleaming desert plains to the high-rise platforms the vicinity between the natural beauty and the might of technology couldn’t be better. Dubai is one of the most wonderful cities that is a mixture of urban settings, tradition, culture, historical facts, and modern outlook. United Arab Emirates offers the best tourist destination to experience the luxurious lifestyle in the hotels in Dubai.

Best Places to visit in Dubai

  1. Burj Khalifa 

Located in Jumeirah, being the tallest tower of the world, this place has a panoramic view of the Dubai city from the Observation Deck.  It has the world’s fastest glass elevator and 124 floors.  This marvellous architectural instance has the city’s best 9 luxurious hotels.  It is the pride of Dubai and a must visit place for tourists.

  1. Bur Dubai Village

Near Dubai Creek, there is a peaceful and serene place to be attended, named Bur Dubai Village or Dubai Heritage Village. One can’t ignore the elegance of this place. It has become very famous for its handmade crafts. The spots you can stroll – local traditional markets, pottery zones etc.

  1. Dubai Marina

Situated in the province majorly known as ‘New Dubai,’ Dubai Marina is a project based artificial canal city.  It provides sybaritic lifestyles through its subtle waterbodies with the Persian Gulf shoreline.  Tourists can spend quality time in classy hotels and shopping malls and opportunities here.  It also has the Dubai Marina Mall Complex, a shopping and entertainment facilities.

  1. The Green Planet 

The Green Planet is a must visit place for nature lovers as it provides the amusement of experiencing different types of flora and fauna. Exotic trees, flowers, wild animals, reptiles, and birds are the classic attraction here.

  1. Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise is a must-visit if you want to know the rich cultural heritage and history of Dubai Cruising, the Creek or the Marina, the Dhow cruise gives you a glance of how fishers used the vessels for fishing and pearl diving.  The Dhow cruises in Dubai provides you to the other side of this wonderful city with a cruise ride through the historical and cultural places.  Just have a dinner and enjoy its magnitude.  You can also witness the Old Dubai with fantastic Cruise dinner with a glance of nature.

  1. Safa Park

In the history of Dubai, the name Safa Park is one of the prominent place for the travel lovers. The mesmerizing greenery and the basketball court, tennis court are enough to captivate the notoriety of every folk.

  1. Dubai International Art Centre

Located in Jumeirah, this place has an aesthetic appeal to the visitors due to its art, sculpture, drawing, pottery, crafts techniques.  It provides classes for all ages to be proficient in creative aft.  Fashion, interior, graphics give you to visualise other genres of art.  Their special classes give wonderful chance to learn art with the professional artists.

8.Desert Safari 

If you love adventure, then Dubai desert safari is the ultimate destination for you in Dubai.  A tempting safari through the golden gleaming sand in the dusky evening gives you a thrilling essence of venture.  You can enjoy the belly dance in the nearby tents to that will surely re energise you.  The barbecue dinner at last is the add on happiness that Dubai offers.

How to choose the best hotels in Dubai? 

The hotels in Abu Dhabi are one of the most glamorous hotels in the world for the embellishment lovers.  Some hotels in Dubai also offer lucrative discounts to attract tourists with no hidden costs. Tourists can also check the reviews and the terms and conditions of the hotels before booking.  Tourists are requested to check their availability before booking.  These hotels will make you feel comfortable with luxurious ambiance and the spa, gym, relaxation bars, dining lounge, cocktails and facilities will definitely add more charm.

With the information about the best impressive spots here, one can  travel and enjoy hassle free. 

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