Eye Health Myths and Tips

Eye Health Myths and Tips

Besides having proper eye protection, there are a few things you should do to improve your eyesight like having the right diet, exercising moving away from the screen and visiting your optician regularly. Your vision is probably one of the most important parts of your overall health because you won’t be able to function properly if you have a high diopter and without glasses.

Everything is different when you get your new Gucci Glasses and start to see things more clearly. The details are hard to notice and once you put on your eyeglasses, you will realize how bad your vision actually was. A good thing is that the majority of conditions are treatable and some of them can be managed only by wearing proper eyewear.

Myths You Should Know

Something that you’ve been told as a child is that carrots will restore your vision because it has vitamin A. Even if it is good for your body, it doesn’t contain some miracle chemical that can restore refractive errors. But, with the right diet, you can make some changes. Another thing that you might think is surprising is that sitting close to the TV will damage your eyes.

You should know that there isn’t permanent damage that will be caused by the screen but you may have eye strain. You can find on the internet that dim-light can also cause some damage which isn’t the case. Reading with dim-light on will probably tire them out but that can happen on any occasion when you put a bit of effort.

Proper Diet

There’s no doubt that you feel much better when you take care of your body. When you get your new glasses and adapt to a new diet, you will start to notice huge changes. Try to add more colorful vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin and cantaloupe that contain a lot of Vitamin C. Leafy Greens can also do miracles like chard, spinach and kale that are full of Zeaxanthin and Lutein that will keep your eyes moist.

Screen Time

Probably the most important tip is to calculate your screen time because eye strain is increasing in patients which mean that we spend more time looking at the computer. They get tired as every muscle does and it happens while you drive, read or any activity where you need to focus and probably forget to blink for a few minutes.

About 70% of people spend 6 or more hours on digital devices, and if you are one of them, consider digital protection lenses that will filter out all reflections that can impact you negatively. Remember to rest them every half an hour. You can also adjust your screen so it emits less blue light. Learn more here: https://insighttimer.com/blog/how-to-rest-your-eyes/

Be In Nature

Start to remove all bad habits and start adapting to good habits like exercising or having a walk in nature. Smoking is very bad for your overall health and it’s also the worst investment you can make. Being in nature is one of the best medicine you can take, surrounding yourself with clean air and look at natural colors without any digital device is a healing area.

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