Login ID Competitor Analysis

Login ID Competitor Analysis

There is an ever-pressing need for organizations to verify their users now, more than ever. The traditional use of passwords nowadays is not enough to ensure the safety of day-to-day digital transactions. As technology advanced, so did people who took advantage of digitalization. As a result, tech companies had to think of ways to expose data theft and expel malicious intrusions in their systems.

The rise of authentication like biometrics, smartcards, and tokens has become the norm as an alternative to traditional passwords. Aside from that, many end-user industries developed two-way authentication systems using cloud systems or online services together with micro-chipping services that are often used in financial transactions in a physical bank and online banking transactions.

Here are some of the key players in the market that make mobile identification verificationmore accessible and more secure.


A leader in biometric authentication is LoginId’s SaaS-based Passwordless authentication. They offer the following as well:

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Digital Identity Verification (in partnership with AuthID), and
  • PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication

All these are FIDO2 Certified, ensuring strong customer authentication.


Another passwordless login that uses magic links to redirect to another URL then prompts a user to go back to the original tab after filling in the information needed for the confirmation process.


Aside from biometrics, email, SMS, and magic links, Auth0 enables MFA or multi-factor authentication. This gives users dynamic control when it comes to their data. For companies, Auth0, through their management system, will make available insights into their customer behavior.


Though not yet labeled as FIDO2 certified, Passbase also offers identity verification that is above standard and is cybersecurity capable. They can be integrated into mobile apps, web applications, and browsers.

Nok Nok

This provider uses mobile apps that support native biometrics and secure authentication to enable passwordless capabilities. Their innovations also assist businesses in ensuring security at various operational levels.


There are many providers of identity verification services on the market. Enterprises should choose the right solution for their company and operational requirements. By working together with a technology provider who provides robust FIDO2 multifactor authentication solutions, identity verification, and identity document authentication will reduce fraud and improve efficiency.

Check out this infographic by LoginID to learn more.


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