Getting to know the advantages and usage of cloud computing for your business in Bangkok, Thailand.

Getting to know the advantages and usage of cloud computing for your business in Bangkok, Thailand.

Do you run a company in Thailand? Have you ever lost crucial company data such as financial reports or email lists? How did you feel? Were you forced to start collecting the data from scratch? And did you manage to collect all of it? How long did it take you? Data loss can be devastating, especially when it is sensitive and important. It is usually complicated to start the data collection process again. Sometimes, you are forced to change your devices and move all the data manually. It takes time and you end up very tired. That is why many Thai companies are moving to the cloud.

The demand for this service is increasing. The search volume on search engines shows that the search term “Cloud ไทย” has a upward trend from 2018 until now. And this trend is predicted to be growing continuously.

Meaning of Cloud Server (H2)

There is a new space where you can store your data and process it from anywhere. It is virtual, and it is called a cloud server. A cloud computing environment is where these servers run. Cloud computing uses internet resources to store and process the data. The data needed is not stored on physical devices like DVDs, memory cards, flash disks, or hard drives, but in a virtual internet space. The cloud server, therefore, is used for the storage of data and running various applications and hosting. Accessing the virtual servers is easy. It can be done anytime using any device.

Why Move to The Cloud? (H2)

Moving from the traditional on-site servers to the cloud offers immense benefits. That is why most companies in Thailand are adopting this trending technology. The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Saving Money– This move cuts the costs associated with buying and purchasing on-premise servers. You will also save on the costs of maintenance. Why? Because you will only need to cater for your operational costs. Add-ons and update costs are also slashed because they will be part of whatever package you subscribe to.
  • Scalability– Your business and can soon. Its needs can change in a short period of time. If you need more computing power for your projects, you can find it with cloud adoption.
  • Security and Stability– Working with cloud servers improves your data security and offers stability for your work. Another cloud server will not affect yours. Your data is more secure in such a server as compared to an in-house server when you follow the right install systems and security protocols.

So, Who Can Use a Cloud Server in Thailand? (H2)

Why is the adoption of the cloud rising in Thailand? Who is the cloud meant for? Cloud servers suitable for use by:

1. Online Stores (H3)

Online stores with numerous visitors can benefit from the cloud. Product catalog and customer data can be stored there. Your web’s speed will also be more stable and you can confidently receive more site visitors when you have great discounts.

2. Manufacturing (H3)

Manufacturing industries producing motors, plastics, and metals also need cloud servers. This is because they need modern database management systems which are more secure. A good example is the Enterprise Resource Planning which uses the cloud. This way, you will integrate your business management safely. You will be able to manage vendors, monitor stock, and distribute products efficiently.

3. Personal Use (H3)

This technology is not just meant for companies or industries. Individuals looking for larger storage space that is secure will find the cloud useful.

4. Educational Institutions (H3)

With most academic institutions adopting online learning, virtual servers come in handy for distributing the learning materials. The learning needs will be catered for properly. Learning can continue smoothly and safely.

Now you understand the meaning of a cloud server and a number of its benefits. If you, your company, or your school are looking for a safer way to store data, back it up, save time and money, then moving to the cloud is what you need to do.


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