Solar vs Wind: Which Type of Energy Is Better for Your Home?

Many environmental and financial benefits come with using renewable energy in your home. Not only does it help reduce the emission of fossil fuels that cause air pollution and other ecological problems, but it also offers individuals significant savings. And it could save the global economy more than $160 trillion in costs associated with climate change.

For anyone looking to bring green energy into their homes, it comes down to one thing: solar vs wind power. When choosing what’s best for your home, though, it’s about more than simply solar panels vs wind turbines. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of each energy source.

Solar Energy

If you’re considering solar power, there are many benefits to converting your home to this type of renewable energy. From the environmental perspective, it’s clean energy that emits no greenhouse gases – which means you’re not contributing to air pollution, water pollution, or other environmental misdeeds.

Then, there are the savings that come with going solar. One single 250-watt panel produces 30 kilowatt-hours (kWh) on average each month. By installing several panels, you could easily produce enough energy to cover all your needs and then some.

On average, American households spend around $1,500 on electricity each year. That’s money you can put back in your pocket. There are also dollar-for-dollar federal tax credits available to those installing solar panels and the use of solar power increases the value of your home.

Solar panels aren’t cheap, though. Depending on how many you install and where you install them, your solar power system could cost you between $15,000 and $40,000.

And not every home is designed for solar power. Where your home is matters and if you don’t get enough direct sunlight, you might not be a good candidate for solar panels. The condition of your roof also impacts whether you can install solar energy in your home. Check with local solar companies to see if the type of renewable energy is the best choice for you.

Wind Power

Wind power is another clean fuel source that reduces the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. It’s a sustainable option for those interested in reducing their carbon footprint. And it’s an option that’s grown significantly over the past decade, as wind power capacity has increased 15% each year. This makes it the largest source of renewable power in the country.

The cost savings are a major draw to this source of clean energy as well. When you factor in the tax credit associated with wind power, it costs just between 1 and 2 cents to produce one kWh. This is a tremendous amount of savings for any homeowner, who is likely to spend more than $1,000 on electricity each year.

The cost of wind energy is more stable than other forms of energy, as well. This is because wind farms sell electricity at a fixed price for long periods – 20 or more years at a time.

There are a few disadvantages to wind energy, though. For one, it’s not available everywhere, and you’ll have a difficult time accessing it in bigger cities because the wind farms, which need significant space, tend to be based in remote, rural areas.

Some people also have concerns about the noise from these wind farms and complain about the aesthetics of the wind turbines. Wildlife advocates also worry they could affect various species and their habitats.

Solar Vs Wind

When making the important decision of solar vs wind when it comes to your home’s energy sources, you need to ask yourself several questions to determine which makes the most sense for your family. What is your geographic location? Are you interested in tax credits? And what kind of savings are you looking for?

As you determine which energy source is the best for you, check out other blog articles on our site for additional information on renewable energy and green resources. 


Clare Louise

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