Which men’s clothing to choose based on body shape?

Which men’s clothing to choose based on body shape?

Why do some look better in suits? What makes others look so bad in shorts? The key to looking good is to search for men’s clothing based on taste and body type.

Fashion trends seek to standardize, but this does not mean that everyone should wear the same garment. Since not all people are the same, trends should only be used as a frame of reference.

The recommendation is to choose a style and, within your range, look for the pieces that are most flatter.

Proportions are the key. It is common to make the mistake of designing an outfit that cuts the body in two: in the upper and lower body. This will not achieve a balanced figure.

The rule of thirds, or the Golden Portion, which is used in architecture, explains that any more pleasant figure to the human eye is divided into thirds and not into halves.

Some men are very crafty about adding a third item to their outfit, be it a tie, a scarf (yes, shake off prejudices, they look incredible), or even a belt.

Men’s body types:

Before thinking about men’s clothing, the first thing to do is to know the general categories into which body types are divided.

  • Ectomorph:

They find it difficult to increase muscle mass because they have a lean build. They are slim, with long limbs, a short torso, narrow shoulders, and a long neck.

  • Mesomorph:

It is one of the most familiar figures. It is that style of a man with an inverted triangle shape: broad shoulders, slim waist, and legs. If they exercise, they develop a muscular torso.

  • Endomorph:

They have a wide waist and short limbs. Regardless of its complexion, its build is round with curved shoulders, a short neck, and a long torso.

  • Ectomorph and menswear

The menswear with this body type is very versatile. However, when choosing it, they usually make a mistake. Because they are thin, they sometimes wear more oversized garments and get lost in the vastness. This body type does not go well with the boho-chic style because it implies a bohemian aesthetic with very loose clothes and ethnic tones.

Conclusion:  So choose the dress according to your body type and clothes that suit you.

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