How Long Does THC/Marijuana Stay Effective?

How Long Does THC/Marijuana Stay Effective?

The half-life of marijuana is how long it takes to digest and remove half of the substance from the bloodstream. Although there are numerous other cannabinoids, THC is one of the most common drug tests.THC is quickly broken down and transformed into metabolites. At least 80 distinct metabolites are produced by THC and may influence the endocannabinoid system of the body. These metabolites are deposited in body fat and phased out via faeces and urine. That is why you read advice that after five to eight days, one-time usage is probably not noticeable.


Because marijuana only remains in circulation for a brief period, marijuana blood tests are generally not utilised. Exceptions exist for car accidents and certain sobriety control stations on the roadside.Tests of blood or saliva may indicate current poisoning. Unlike blood concentration tests, however, they do not show a degree of poisoning or impairment.


Daily or near-daily use of cannabis is likely to be detected up to three months later via a hair test. However, the hair test cannot identify uncommon cannabis usage or the quantity of cannabis consumed accurately.


Urine testing for metabolites of marijuana also shows only recent use of marijuana but not present poisoning or impairment. This is due to the period between usage and the breakdown of THC into the metabolites excreted in the urine. Due to the zero tolerance of many companies, most places of employment utilise urine testing to identify recent drug use.

Factors affecting the time of detection

Marijuana stays in your body for a long time depending on many variables, including frequency of usage, the mass of the body, metabolism, sex and hydration.. Visit more information.

Use frequency

There is evidence that the duration that marijuana stays in the body is influenced by the frequency, usage and consumption of marijuana by the individual.


The quicker your metabolism will leave your body, which may be affected by age, physical activity and certain health problems.

Index of Body Mass (BMI)

THC metabolites are frequently retained in your body’s fat cells so that the slower you can metabolise and eliminate marijuana the greater the body fat (or BMI). Checkout thebest THC Detox.


You will have higher concentrations of THC in the body if you are dehydrated. However, flooding with water won’t help you pass a drug test. Rather, it will dilute it and you will probably have to take the exam again.

Tobacco vs. Vaping vs. Source

The manner of usage also affects the time of detection. If marijuana is smoked or vaporised, the body’s level of THC decreases more quickly than if you eat it. It takes more time for food to break up in your body and exit your system.

How to remove marijuana from your system

Remove your system

The best Detox for THC technique involves drinking plenty of water or fluids and peeing many times before the test, then taking B-12 to restore colour to the urine. Although this may reduce the amount of THC detected in the urine, it does not completely remove the metabolites of THC.

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